Saturn Transit 2022 Predictions


Saturn Transit 2022 Dates, Time and Predictions

Saturn is usually considered as one of the most malefic planets amongst the nine others in Vedic astrology. Moving in an ill phase or a negative house could bring you immense misfortune and troubles in your life. You might go through incidents hindering or damaging your growth and success in almost all fields- career, finances, love, marriage, education, and much more.

As per Vedic astrology, Saturn rules two zodiac signs, Capricorn and Aquarius. Saturn in both these houses shows immense practicality, maturity, and responsibility. And, when it is in the Libra zodiac sign, it gets exalted and shows the best version of its traits. However, if Saturn is in Aries zodiac sign, expect a ride of unfavorability, as it gets debilitated here.

Saturn Transit 2022 Date and Time

There are two transits of Saturn in 2022, and both would occur in the home signs, i.e., Capricorn and Aquarius. First, it would move from Capricorn to Aquarius and later from Aquarius to Capricorn. From July 12, 2022, Saturn would settle in a retrograde manner and make its move later in 2023. Let's have a look at the dates and times of Saturn Transit 2022:

Planet of Transit Transiting From Transiting To Date Time
Saturn Capricorn Aquarius April 29, 2022 12:17 PM
Aquarius Capricorn July 12, 2022 10:27 AM

Let us now read in detail the effects of Saturn transit in 2022 on all 12 zodiac signs.

Saturn Transit 2022 for Aries

For people with Aries zodiac sign, Saturn is the lord of the tenth and eleventh house. At the beginning of 2022, Saturn will transit in the 10th house of fame, father and career. It shall make you focus totally on your career and professional world. Students will put extra effort to improve their concentration. Those stuck into some ups and downs in the profession can relax a bit as the time would be favorable for you in terms of work. However, as the phase moves ahead, you may get into trouble with seniors and colleagues at the workplace. Not just this, there are high chances that you may confront mess in your personal life too. With Saturn transit in the 10th house, your father could also go through troublesome scenarios. There are high chances that you might experience health ailments and stress-related issues.

Aries natives can expect good times with Saturn planetary transit in 2022 in the eleventh house and Aquarius sign. During this phase, you would become socially active. Finances would improve, and no serious health troubles shall surround you. With it, on a personal level, your friends would become a vital part of your life. You would feel comfortable around them, and your friends, in turn, would compliment you in all possible ways. However, keep in mind to stay away from people who seem susceptible to you. If you don’t get good vibes from someone, maintain distance from them in the best possible manner.


  • Give footwear to homeless and poor people.
  • In your shower water, add a few black sesame seeds.

Saturn Transit 2022 for Taurus

For Taurus natives, Saturn will transit in the 9th house of spirituality, learning, fortune, and luck at the beginning of 2022. As a result of it, you shall feel a strong inclination towards higher studies and education. With a focus on new learnings and readings, you will also take interest in grasping knowledge about philosophy and religions. Shrines, temples, and similar places would grab your attention too. From the end of April to mid-July, Saturn transit 2022 will be in the tenth house. It might not be as good as you expected. Some constraints might hold you from achieving the goal set in your head. Despite the many positive effects of it, your efforts will be delayed. The planet would test your patience, thus, make sure you don’t lose on your efforts, and keep moving ahead patiently.

Furthermore, Shani Gochar 2022 predictions say that natives into business shall get to explore new fields to spread their business. However, in terms of love and relationship, you might go through a little bit of a tough time at home. There are high chances that health-wise, your family might go through various ups and downs. You and one of your family members may catch occasional diseases like fever, common cold, etc. The reason for it could be some legal issues you have been stuck into for a long time or property-related matters. Lastly, after mid-July, planet Saturn will retrograde in the Capricorn zodiac sign for the remaining year, hardly negatively influencing your sign.


  • Wear a ring made of iron material in your mid finger to draw Saturn's benefits.
  • During the Shani Gochar 2022, eating vegetarian food and abstaining from alcohol are also effective remedies.

Saturn Transit 2022 for Gemini

For Gemini folks, Saturn would be transiting in your 8th house. As a consequence, your personal ideas will alter due to some unexpected circumstances. A life-changing incident can establish religiosity in you, according to the planetary transit predictions 2022. Ahead, with Saturn planet in Capricorn, your life and career pathway will undoubtedly be morphed. There could be a separation that you might feel with everybody. Be it a love relationship or connection with someone in the family, Gemini natives would love staying in a corner instead of having a word or expressing their thoughts. Therefore, it is recommendable that you funnel this gap by making your efforts better and continuing to work extra to reach your goals. Students must focus well on their studies and look after their focus too.

Monetarily, you may have to pay for some family-related expenses. According to The Saturn planetary transit predictions 2022, primarily, you need to handle your funds with a long-term purpose in place and leave enough for an emergency. It is because from here, Saturn shall have a direct aspect on the second house of finances. Therefore, you need to manage your budget and money in a well-maintained manner. Not just this, with Shani Gochar in 2022, you may experience mild health concerns as well. To avoid any consequences it is recommended that you treat the problem or illness as soon as possible. Following that, Saturn will transit through Aquarius in the 9th house from May to July. It may signal that you need to be cautious regarding your father's wellbeing.


  • On Saturdays, burn a mustard oil diya in front of Shanidev for great health.
  • Avoid cheating and lying at all costs.
  • Indulgence in any judicial situation is also discouraged.

Saturn Transit 2022 for Cancer

According to the transit of planets in 2022, Saturn will be in the 7th house for most of the year and in the eighth house from April end to mid-July for Cancer locals. The transit of Saturn in the 7th house at the start of 2022 may cause some tough conditions in relationships and cause you to focus on your relationship and marriage. The same could be said for business and collaboration too. You will be focused on relationships at this period, whether they are forming new ones or keeping old ones, and you should strive to comply as much as feasible, as per the planetary transit predictions 2022. You might have ego conflicts with your partners regularly. It would be on you that you may either maintain your ego or save your relationships from any adversities.

According to the Saturn yearly transit 2022, people who are employed might be unable to function efficiently due to some restraints. In other words, due to a heavy schedule, you might have to give extra time to your firm or organization to meet the deadline given to you. It may be challenging for business owners to deliver things punctually, which may bring your business a bit down. On the financial front, you would attain stability. You won't have to spend a lot of money and would be able to save some. Along with it, it is recommendable that you stay in a relaxed spot when it comes to your health. Focus extreme caution the whole year as ailments might trouble you a bit. Especially if you are in your forties and fifties, you should be cautious of your niggling health problems.


  • On Saturdays, offer black outerwear and slippers to those in need.
  • Buy a small silver ball and carry it in your purse or wallet wherever you go.

Saturn Transit 2022 for Leo

Saturn is the ruler of the sixth and seventh houses for Leo natives. Saturn in Capricorn in the 6th house signifies debt, health problems, and jobs. When Saturn will transit in the 7th house from April-end to July-mid, it strongly indicates improvement in wedding and partnership. For employers and natives in professional jobs, the Saturn transit 2022 phase could be a difficult time. To maintain your job and future growth opportunities alive, you must brush up on skills, be knowledgeable, and take on greater responsibilities. Even the business people might confront fierce competition, which shall force them to develop powerful strategies as well as higher margins to get an advantage over their competitors. Middle-aged and older people must exercise extreme caution when it comes to niggling old health problems. You may experience issues relating to blood pressure or diabetes. Maintain a frequent evaluation to keep track of any changes.

Due to several events in marital life, married natives would be able to sit back and relax, as per the transit period of planet Saturn. The only thing you must remember is to respect the sensibilities of your life partner and yield to their opinions on household problems. Even the ones who are into relationships must make efforts to understand the needs of your partner and love and value them in the best way possible. With it, you should also look after your finances. There are possibilities that it might sway a bit, or you may have to make some absurd decisions pertaining to spending it.


  • On Saturdays, particularly, you should strive to wear darkish green clothing promptly.
  • During evenings, especially on Saturdays, give black dogs bread and milk.

Saturn Transit 2022 for Virgo

Saturn oversees the fifth house of romance, creativity, and education as well as the sixth house of disagreement, daily work routine, hurdles, and diseases for Virgo residents. And, according to Saturn 2022 Transit Predictions, planet Saturn will transit in the 5th house at the start of 2022 and then in the 6th house from late April until mid-July. It means that if you work in an organization that involves manufacturing or in-service-providing fields, you will be able to make optimal progress. However, local business owners would have to devise a solid strategy for increasing sales. Job holders, you shall be pleased with the possibility of future growth as it seems to be pretty promising.

The Saturn transit in 2022 may have negative consequences for Virgo students. They will be dissatisfied with their mediocre performance. But, with complete concentration, there is a good probability that you make it to the merit list. However, you must not forget the fact that Saturn Gochar 2022 might provide you with poor results like lack of focus, attention, and determination. Therefore, you should avoid toxic friendships as well as undesirable behaviors. It is not a favorable period for Virgo natives in terms of health too. Thus, take extra precautions. Take better care of your meals and get routine checkups because there's a chance that you might suddenly collapse during this time. Also, try to avoid all kinds of stressful situations, be it regarding your personal life or career or professional one.


  • On Saturday and Tuesday evenings, ignite a mustard oil deepak under the Peepal tree.
  • Don't leave any work unfinished for too long or delay any.

Saturn Transit 2022 for Libra

For Libra people, planet Saturn rules the 4th house of motherhood, home, and tranquility and the 5th house of creativity, romance, and education. Saturn will commence the year moving in the 4th house and later would transit in the fifth house and Aquarius zodiac sign from late April to mid-July, and lastly transit in the Capricorn zodiac sign for the remaining 2022. It would aid you in acquiring a home, property, or any type of real estate land during this period. However, the focus will continue to be on your home and mother, and both the factors would get influenced at a good pace with Saturn planetary transit 2022 Vedic astrology. Not just this, with the transit, you can expect diseases and illnesses impacting your mother. It could go so out of hand that immediate medical attention could be needed.

Professionally, the Saturn yearly transit 2022 would produce middling results. Though your business methods might not alter significantly, they might drop slightly. If you're in a partnership, your relationship with your mate will be disturbed. Learners in academics and learning shall achieve mediocre to poor outcomes. You might prepare well for the examination but would find it a bit difficult in presenting or giving your all. However, your exam scores would remain unaffected because of it, so don't worry much. On the family front, Shani Gochar 2022 impacts won't be very friendly. Domestic problems will intensify, and you may be gloomy as a result of your spouse or family member's health problems.


  • On Saturdays, wear black or blue-colored clothing.
  • Also, never say anything nasty about anyone. With it make sure, you avoid gossiping negatively about people.

Saturn Transit 2022 for Scorpio

Saturn oversees the third and fourth houses for Scorpions. At the beginning of 2022, Saturn will transit in the 3rd house of bravery, travel, and siblings, and later the 4th house of comfort, luxury, and mother from late April to mid-July. Saturn will then be retrograde for the rest of the year, transiting in the third house. This time will be beneficial to individuals who wish to put out their maximum efforts. Here, your perseverance shall come to test. Business people must continue to work hard and wait calmly for their opportunity. Job seekers must strive to improve their efficiency in order to keep their jobs and positions secure. However, if you're looking for a new workplace or planning a job change, Saturn's momentum would be on your side.

According to the 2022 Saturn planetary transit predictions, natives will have mediocre to decent results in their family lives and relationships. To some extent, Scorpions will benefit from this Shani Gochar. Although it is a happy occasion, family members may become sad for no apparent cause. Thus, try not to make your family time hard by involving heated discussions or opinionated talks. Plus, exercise caution while saying something. The health of loved ones would become a primary consideration for you. Your family members' actions will astound you. Your social standing will rise, but you must display carefulness around others. Financial advantages, professional advancement, and improvement of position in career are all guaranteed, according to the Shani Gochar 2022 predictions.


  • On Saturdays, give black lentils in the Shani shrine.
  • Shower each day and wear clean, thoroughly ironed clothes. Also, if possible, apply perfume.

Saturn Transit 2022 for Sagittarius

Saturn rules the second house of families, finance, and speech, as well as the third house of bravery, siblings, and journeys for Sagittarius residents. Saturn will start the year in the 2nd house, then move to the 3rd house from late April to mid-July, before returning to the second house after becoming retrograde for the remaining 2022. The phase would be ordinary for your financial journey. So, don't be shy about saying "No" to people who ask you for help regarding loans or credits since there could be an economic loss on your cards, according to the Saturn transit 2022 predictions. Money shortages could also be caused by theft. So, Beware!

You would also possess an opportunity to have extra money, leading to a good period to go for a new and larger home. If you carefully arrange your investments, you could also look for better options in managing your financial situation. For the most part, business natives will have a profitable time in 2022. Now appears to be a good time to invest in development or sales. Career-oriented persons must remain pulsed on their jobs and strive to enhance their production field to enhance their efficiency. To be worthwhile, all your innovative forces must collaborate. Health-wise, there would be no serious health problems on the horizon. However, some minor issues may surround you all through the year. Therefore, to avoid difficulties, work on some corrective actions as soon as possible. Eat healthily and focus on the diet plan you have prepared for yourself.


  • On Saturdays, give mustard oil to those in need.
  • To strengthen Saturn planet, praise Lord Hanuman, Shiva, the Peepal Tree, and Lord Brahma.

Saturn Transit 2022 for Capricorn

Saturn is the ruler of the first and second houses for Capricorns. And Saturn will transit in the 1st house of individuality and personality at the beginning of the year, then transit in the 2nd house of family, wealth, and communication from late April to mid-July, and then move in the first house again after retrograding for the leftover year. In terms of finances, this phase would be unhealthy and bad. Thus, refrain from lending them money or providing credits to someone. You will be overburdened by unplanned and unneedful expenses. As far as career is concerned, Capricorn natives can expect multiple outcomes in their careers. During Saturn Transit 2022, you may experience distress, separation, discontent, and mental pressure on a daily basis. Job transfers, relocations, job losses, and other job-related issues could be all there during this phase.

With the professional money or salary that you have accumulated, you could run into some unanticipated issues. But, if you keep your hard-working attitude and devotion to the norms and regulations, you shall pass through the tough time effortlessly. According to the transit of planets in 2022, fortune will not be on your side in academic achievement this year, and your outcomes will miss the mark of your expectations—lack of intensity, distraction, and diligence will give you poor outcomes. Thus, maintain a safe distance from that buddy who obstructs you from growing or focusing on your career. Avoid tensions and worries of all sorts, and make sure you don’t ignore your diet plans or exercising time in any way.


  • Wearing a lapis lazuli in your second finger is among the 2022 Saturn Transit 2022 Remedies.
  • Another excellent Saturn Transit 2022 Remedy is to chant the Hanuman or Shani Chalisa on a daily basis. It will assist in minimizing the negative effects of Saturn.

Saturn Transit 2022 for Aquarius

Saturn oversees the twelfth and first house for Aquarians. The 12th house illustrates expenditure, salvation, and foreign travels, and the first house denotes self and personality. Saturn will start the year 2022 in the 12th house, then move to the first house around late April to mid-July, and afterward back to the twelfth house after going retrograde for the rest of the year. This time frame indicates that students who want to pursue higher education overseas will be successful in accomplishing their goals. Saturn transit 2022 will also help business people who want to go on a short journey to a different nation to seal a large agreement with a foreign corporation. To continue your job, a career-oriented person must remain pulsed with the work at hand and strive to provide more productivity as it would be beneficial.

On the personal front, you might face crucial relationship challenges. One of your family members' assistance may cause serious worry for you. Your spouse and kids may experience health problems. Eye problems could be there on the horizon too. If you are sufficiently qualified for marriage and wish to find a partner, you shall have to wait for a lucky moment. In terms of health, now is the best time to start thinking about how to take better care of yourself. Maintain a healthy diet and schedule regular health checkups, as there is a risk of unexpected health deterioration at this time.


  • On Saturdays, chant Shani Stotram and switch to fasting.
  • On Saturday, give leather things such as sandals, slippers, shoes, etc., to the poor.

Saturn Transit 2022 for Pisces

Saturn is the lord of the 11th and 12th houses for Pisces individuals. And at the beginning of 2022, Saturn will transit in the 11th house of social life, income, and friends. Ahead in the year, around the end of April to mid-July, planet Saturn will transit in the 12th house of expenditure, salvation, and foreign gains. The planet will retrograde for the remaining 2022, transiting back in the 11th house. This time period signifies that career-oriented natives would perform well effortlessly. Job holders would be pleased with their prospects for future advancement and appear to be optimistic. This year, constructive forces shall be more effective in your life. Throughout this journey, you must maintain a strong financial situation. Students must put forth extra effort in order to pass competitive tests with a great score.

With the Shani Gochar 2022, serendipity might not be on your side—lack of focus, distraction, and passion shall all conspire against you, resulting in poor outcomes. Keep a safe distance from untrustworthy companions. According to Saturn Transit 2022 predictions, you might experience major domestic troubles in your home life. There could be some friction between you and your spouse, as well as between you and your kids. Because of favorable planetary motions, all of that dispute will indeed get resolved. Transit of Saturn in 2022 would be a terrific time for your health. Aches and pains in the chest, heart, and belly might appear, although they will only last a few days. You should remain extra cautious if you have a chronic disease. Also, avoid overlooking any detail and seek medical advice right away.


  • On Saturday evenings, donate clothing to the labour men and women.
  • For 40 days, practice Jaap of Shani Mantra— “ॐ प्रां प्रीं प्रौं स: शनैश्चराय नम:” with a Rudraksha mala. It is among the most powerful Shani Gochar 2022 remedies.

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