6 Zodiac Signs That Will Be Lucky In Love In 2022

Lucky zodiac signs in love in 2022

Wonder which zodiac signs will be lucky in love in 2022? Finding love in 2022 has a different definition for each one of us. While some people find love in being amidst the mountains, meanwhile, for others, cuddling with their partner is all that love is. And surely, we are trying to figure out who all would be lucky enough to live the latter feeling.

2022 has millions of possibilities waiting for each one of us, which you can read about in your horoscope 2022. But when we specifically talk about love, there are few zodiac signs that would have more romance in their lives than other zodiac signs. Why so?

In Vedic astrology, the planet Venus is the ruler of all the mushy feelings such as love, romance, attraction, etc. So when finding zodiac signs that will be lucky in love in 2022, one simply needs to consider the effect of Venus on each zodiac in 2022. And based on the same, here are 6 zodiac signs who will be most lucky in love in 2022.

1. Taurus 

Though Taurians are always serious about a relationship but they also have a habit of hiding their feelings. Thankfully, as per the Taurus love horoscope 2022, this feeling is going to shun for one of the horniest zodiac signs on the planet. While the start of the year will bring no big adventure in love, but as you progress; post-April, the eighth house lord of intimacy will conjunct in the fifth house of love. The period thereafter will help any causal relationship bloom. You won’t have to say those three magical words for the other person to know what you feel for them. That’s how strong a bond you would be able to create.

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In the month of June to August, due to Saturn influence, some lag in the relationship is possible. But you will be too busy to notice it. In a nutshell, Taurus is on the top of the list of lucky zodiac signs in love in 2022. All you need to make sure is that your progress in other fields doesn’t hamper due to your love affair.

2. Cancer 

After Taurus, Cancer is one that will be lucky in love in 2022. As per our astrologers, Cancerians are destined to meet their soulmates in 2022. However, don’t expect anything much to happen in love in the first quarter of the year 2022. So if you have been planning to propose love to someone in these months, maybe you should give the idea a second thought. The best time in terms of love will begin after April for Cancer. This will be due to the conjunction of the ninth house lord of religion in the fifth house of love.

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Any kind of breakup-shake-up is scheduled for the beginning of the year for Cancer. Thereafter, all will be jolly for you and your partner. At the end of the year, you will invest in holidaying and a lot of romance due to the presence of Venus in the house of love. Use the opportunity the year 2022 offers to come as close as you can.

3. Virgo 

The third zodiac sign that will be lucky in love in 2022 is Virgo. The year 2022 for the Virgo sign is about stability and maturity. You will stay away from flings due to which insecurities of any kind will shun between you and the one you love/like. In the initial months of 2022, you will be more focused to make refine your relationship. However, you will have to go through a love test in the months of May, June and July when the house lord will be transiting from the house of fights. If you dodge this test, the fights will prove healthy; as they will increase the intensity of love.

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As per Virgo horoscope 2022, there are high chances that you may find love in a friend this year. If you are single and seek to propose love to someone, then the period after April 2022 will be the best for the Virgo. You are not much expressive about your feelings but if you try, it will benefit you in 2022.

4. Scorpio 

The horniest zodiac sign of them all, is Scorpio breaking bed in 2022? The Scorpio natives are very passionate and sensitive about love. Though they have a thirst for physical love but that feeling doesn’t inspire them to call anyone or everyone ‘mine’. The Scorpio will be blessed with the presence of strong Jupiter as per the love horoscope 2022. As Jupiter is a teacher, Scorpios will be ready to accept various dimensions of love in 2022. When the planet Mars will transit from your fifth house of love in May 2022, you will experience a surge in passion and romance. However, the astrologers want you to be careful about making commitments in this period. 

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Going further, the month of November will bring new energy to your love story. Venus, the planet of love will have a strong influence on the house of affairs. You will make some profound future plans together during this period.

5. Sagittarius 

Outgoing is Sagittarius sign always looking for independence and adventure. However, in 2022, the Sagittarius is adding some romance to their to-do list. The year 2022 is lucky for Sag right from the beginning of the year when the fifth house lord enters the rising sign of the Sagittarius. This will ensure that couples in love are inseparable, more intimate and more present for each other. Interestingly, if you seek to involve your respective families in your relationship’s hows and wows, then 2022 is a very lucky year on those terms. 

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If you are single, brace yourself for some new proposals in 2022. The month of April, when Venus will be strong, for you can get you hitched with your crush. For the major part, the first two quarters of the year will be about crushes and blushes. The remaining two quarters will be about commitments that you must not be scared to make. Doing so shall make you one of the lucky zodiac signs in love in 2022.

6. Pisces 

Survive the first three months of the year 2022 Pisces because the remaining months have written happiness and love written on them in big bold letters. In the mid-year, with Venus in your rising sign, you are likely to meet someone special but not in your immediate circle. This could be an online person with whom you would want to get along. Also, if you are into someone, mid-year is the best time to express your feelings to them as you may get a positive response. And if you get into a relationship, the astrologers suggest that you take it slow and don’t try to corner your partner. 

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For those already in a relationship, it is time for you to take your relationship to the next level. You may go travelling together and make memories of all sorts. If you are someone who plans to get married in 2022, make sure you take a trip in the month of June. The pleasant weather and favourable planetary positions will strengthen your relationship. All this makes you one of the most lucky zodiac signs in love in 2022. 

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