Shape Of Your Fingernail And What It Says About Your Personality

Fingernail astrology

Fingernail astrology studies the shape of your fingernails, and by doing so, can reveal a lot about your personality. It is the same as studying one’s health based on the colour of your fingernail. 

However, one might ask, don’t we simply cut our nails to change their shape? Does that change our personality? Well, to be honest, it doesn’t matter how many types you cut, trim or chew your nails, we are always aware of how our nails grow and what shape they are most likely to take. Thus understanding your personality based on the shape of your fingernails is fairly easy. 

So whether short or long, hoping that you are well aware of the shape of your fingernails, here is what the shape of your fingernails says about you.

If you have long vertical nails 

In astrology, it is a belief that people who have long vertical nails are very artistic. You have the most pleasing ideas in every aspect be it profession or sex. Your right brain is relatively more developed, which allows you these abilities. Also, you are someone who pays more attention to details like how one eats, what one is wearing, etc. Also, when it comes to love, you like someone for their actions instead of looks.

On the negative side, your left brain makes you malleable to over-feeling everything. You tend to believe anyone easily and end up getting hurt most of the time. When it comes to communicating with left-brain people, you will notice unavoidable conflicts of interest.

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People who have long vertical nails must be very careful when it comes to trusting someone. Especially when it comes to relationships, instantly falling for someone is not the best idea for you.

If you have wide fingernails

The people who have wide fingernails are open-minded. And you don’t leave any opportunity to show off this quality of you. Fingernail astrology says that the left brain of people who have wide fingernails is more developed than the right. This generally makes you expressive in love. You don’t shy away from revealing your feelings and find the idea liberating. 

What the people with wide fingernails will struggle with is forging a bond with people who use their right brain more than the left. This is because the former communicate with their heart and not the brain. However, if you really want such a (one who thinks with heart) person in your life, then you need to be patient.

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As you think from your left brain, you will do better in your profession. You are open-minded and thus will be able to make more friends. However, astrologers suggest that you must also invest time in listening to your heart.

If you have round or oval shape fingernails 

The person who has egg-shaped or round fingernails is adaptable to change. Such a quality helps you in making better decisions for yourself. And, most of the time, such decisions are the result of the courage you got within. Also, people with round fingernails have high social skills. You are a very trustworthy human. However, you must not over pride yourself about it. The best part? You get along well with people of all other fingernail shapes.

The quality of being adaptable is very lucky as it brings professional success for you. You tend to change what doesn’t suit you and it’s nothing but empowering. However, you also have to work very hard to find success in life. Luck will not be your best friend, for the most part, however, your intellect would be. 

If you have squarish fingernails 

Having these types of nails firstly makes you rare and secondly, very brave. Most people who have square-shaped nails are male. These people are usually serious in attitude and sober-minded too. Though having such qualities helps you in being more focused in life but an extremely sober mind makes you appear inflexible. Astrologers suggest that you may have a good relationship with others if you are not so stiff.

At the workplace, you will play the role of a leader. However, you tend to get frightened by the slightest of change, which can mess up your mind. The best tip for you is to give your best while not thinking much about the consequences. 

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If you have triangular fingernails 

Some people have triangular-shaped nails and honestly, they can look elegant. As per astrology, one who has such nails is able to notice things that are usually ignored by others. People with this shape of fingernails are stubborn and sometimes oversensitive. You have to think twice before you make a joke around these people or be very picky in terms of topics when conversing with them. 

As per fingernail astrology, one thing that these people have to worry about is luck in love. Though you may find the one you like, however, your over-sensitive nature may spoil the love game for you. You need to be more outspoken to do better in love. And the good news is that you have the creative skills to be just that.

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If you have almond shape fingernails

Lastly, the people who got almond-shaped nails are honest, kind, imaginative and loyal in nature. You can trust these people with most of the things. These people can’t tolerate injustice and especially not getting what you deserve. You often find yourself under high pressure, which is something that has a bad effect on your health. These people also have a lot of ideas around everything, however, they shy away from implementing these. 

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As per astrology, you often suffer from poor health. Thus, you must limit your day to day activities and be more open towards your personal wants.

To know more about fingernail astrology, you can talk to expert astrologers.


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