Two Birthstones That October-Born Must Wear

October birthstone

The month of October 2021 sets the stage for the arrival of winters in the subcontinent. It’s time when the sunlight begins to feel a bit cosy on the skin, and you just want to cuddle a bit more with your bed. Well, the seasonal diversity that we are blessed with is no hidden fact. However, one more thing that reeks of diversity is birthstones, as we have one birthstone for each month of the year.

Like we do it each month, we would continue to reveal the Lucky gemstone for each month, and in this blog, we will find What is October birthstone as per astrology. The October gemstone is something that could be worn by people born in the month of October. Though not particularly restricted to these people but when such a person wears the same, it can profit him/her immensely. 

Interestingly, those born in the month of October have two lucky gemstones that they can wear. The first Lucky gemstone for October is Opaland the second October birthstone is Tourmaline

With that being said, now we shall discuss all that you need to know about Opal and Tourmaline. 

October birthstone – Opal(ओपल)

The name Opal is said to have originated in India, from the Sanskrit word ‘Upala’. The Opal gemstone is famous for its colour changing effect. The stone shifts colours in rainbow hues. So when you wear it in the sunlight, it’s like wearing a brand new ring each day. Due to its colour changing effects, some ancient people used to think that the stone captures the different hues of lights from the sky. In a nutshell, the Opal gemstone is famous for all the aesthetic reasons. 

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Who should wear the Opal gemstone?

  • Opal is the gemstone that represents the planet Venus. The planet Venus signifies love, relationship, compatibility, sensuality and such other traits. So if you seek to strengthen these aspects, you must wear Opal.
  • Shukra or Venus also signifies luxuries. So if your finances have been weak for a while, you can consider wearing the Opal gemstone. However, make sure you confirm the same from an astrologer
  • Apart from the one born in the month of October, the zodiac signs Taurus and Libra can also consider wearing Opal gemstone.
  • Opal is very beneficial for people suffering from infertility, sexual disorders and libido.

Benefits of wearing the Opal gemstone 

As per astrology, there are numerous benefits of wearing Opal gemstone: 

  • The October birthstone, Opal, is said to help in averting disorders related to the stomach and eyes.
  • Opal gemstone is very useful in preventing sexual or menstrual disorders.
  • The stone also enhances good luck, happiness and positivity in humans.
  • The energies reeking of the Opal stone can help in the enrichment of the kidney. 
  • Opal showers good fortune on the wearer.
  • If your luck has been defying you, then you must consider wearing the Opal stone. 
  • Another among Opal gemstone benefits is that it can help in curing skin problems.
  • If you have Parkinson problem, this gemstone can be helpful.
  • Another benefit of Opal gemstone is for the people dealing with any kind of legal matter.
  • It enhances creativity, passion and strength.
  • The gemstone can also help in bringing stability to a troubled marriage
  • The October birthstone also heals spine and blood-related problems
  • Lastly, the October birthstone also helps you connect to positive earth’s energy. 

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How to wear Opal gemstone 

  • As per our astrologers, the best day to wear the opal stone is Friday. When wearing the stone, make sure you wear it at 12 PM. 
  • Opal gemstone must always be worn on the index finger of the hand you use the most.
  • The Opal stone should be worn with a silver, platinum, or gold metal ring. 
  • To energise this stone, you must keep it immersed in a mixture of 1 spoon of curd, honey, gangajal, and tulsi leaves for at least 10 minutes. 
  • Then recite the mantra “Aum Shukraye Namah” while wearing it. 

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October birthstone – Tourmaline(तुरमली)

Tourmaline literally means ‘stone mixed with colour’. Another among the October birthstone, just like Opal, Tourmaline stone too is known for its multicolour texture. Apart from multi clour texture, the gemstone actually also comes in multiple colours. Each of these colours has its own characteristics. For example, black tourmaline is believed to give the wearer a sense of self-confidence. Pink tourmaline is for adding maturity, compassion and gentleness to your relationship. Green tourmaline promotes courage and stamina.

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Who should wear the Tourmaline gemstone?

  • The October birthstone tourmaline must be given to the spouse on your eighth marriage anniversary. 
  • A Red tourmaline must be worn by anyone who suffers from fertility issues. 
  • If you are facing any kind of heart issue. then it is suggested that you wear this stone. Tourmaline opens the heart chakra and stimulates resonance.  
  • Apart from October born, September-Libra and Scorpio can also wear the tourmaline stone.
  • For Scorpios, Black Tourmaline is most suitable as it helps these natives fight inner conflicts. 

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Benefits of Tourmaline gemstone 

  • The tourmaline gemstone helps in the removal of negative aspects like grief, anger and depression.
  • Just like Opal, tourmaline also enhances the romance aspects in the person. 
  • The Pink Tourmaline is known for its stress buster qualities. Thus the stone must be kept in the purse or by your side in stressful situations.
  • If you struggle with sleeplessness, make sure you wear the green tourmaline. This stone can also be kept close to babies.
  • The stone is also used to balance the inner and outer self.
  • The October birthstone tourmaline cools down the nervous, skin and respiratory organ problems.
  • Another benefit of tourmaline stone is that it is the best substitute for diamond. 
  • The stone is also said to teach forgiveness to the human and enhance joy and peace. 
  • When worn with a necklace, the stone safeguards you from heat-related injuries. 
  • The tourmaline stone is of electrical nature. Thus it shields the wearer from electromagnetic harm.
  • Another among Tourmaline gemstone benefits is that it helps in countering jealously. 
  • Blue Tourmaline promotes spiritual growth.

How to wear Tourmaline gemstone 

  • Tourmaline sucks up a lot of negative energies, especially the black tourmaline. Thus, once in a while, and even before wearing, you must place this stone in a bowl of bright and clear spring water and let it soak for 24 hours.
  • Tourmaline stone is to be worn on the little finger of your most-used hand. 

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