Lucky gemstone for the July born as per astrology

benefits of wearing ruby

Wondering what’s the lucky gemstone for the July born? Well, here are some hints for you to guess for yourself. The gemstone that is most lucky for the July born also goes by the name – “King of the precious stones”. It is red in colour and is also one of the most coveted gems in the world. Its hardness is only second to diamond, and it allows an individual benefit of body, mind and soul. 

Yes, you guessed it right. The birthstone for the July born is Ruby, also known by the name Manek or Manik.

Ruby, as a gemstone, is associated with the planet Sun. It signifies luxury, and its spiritual powers are world-renowned. The Ruby gemstone benefits are such that it allows the wearer, name, fame, success and an abundance of good health. While the one born in the month of July can also wear the Sapphire stone but Ruby is highly favoured among the astrologers.

So if as a July born you are planning to wear the Ruby gemstone, then here is everything you need to know about it.

Who should wear Ruby gemstone? 

  1. The Ruby gemstone is associated with the planet Sun in astrology. Sun is one of the most beneficial planets as it bestows power, pride and success to the native. So firstly, if you have a weak Sun in your kundali, you can consider wearing the Ruby gemstone. Also, the Sun, as a planet, may sometimes get too strong in your kundali. In such instances too, wearing the Ruby gemstone could help in balancing the effects of the Sun. 
  2. Also, if the planet Sun is in the 10th house, 5th house, 9th house or 6th house of your kundli, then you must wear a Ruby gemstone.
  3. If you are born on the first, tenth or twenty-eighth date of any month, you can get yourself the benefits of ruby by wearing it. 
  4. Ruby is a highly suggested gemstone for anyone who is preparing for any kind of competitive exam as it keeps the native motivated.
  5. If you are a judge, lawyer, doctor, agriculturist, stockbroker or artist, then you must wear the Ruby gemstone for excellence. 

What are the benefits of wearing Ruby gemstone?

Wearing ruby gemstone has many benefits like: 

  1. As per Vedic astrology, Ruby represents the Navel Chakra in the human body. Wearing the Ruby gemstone stimulates this chakra and once that happens, you are to get relief from depression, stress and self-doubt.
  2. The benefits of wearing ruby gemstone include its ability to improve your relationship with your parents. 
  3. The Ruby gemstone can help you in excelling in your professional world. The right carat, colour and shape of Manik gemstones infuses in the native creativity and self-confidence.
  4. Whether married or unmarried, if you, as a couple, face mutual understanding problems, then you two together must wear a ruby gemstone. 
  5. Manik gemstone benefits include the increased chances of the native to find themselves a luxurious lifestyle. 
  6. Placing the Ruby gemstone under the pillow helps in warding off bad dreams or any evil influences. 
  7. Ruby stone in astrology is also associated with love and passion. Wear it to better the emotional and physical relationship with your spouse. 

How and when to wear Ruby gemstone? 

  1. Ruby gemstone must be worn on any Sunday in Pushya Nakshatra. If you are not aware of what Pushya Nakshatra is, then you can talk to astrologer to confirm it. 
  2. Before wearing the Ruby gemstone, you need to activate it first. To activate the ruby gemstone, dip it in Panchamrut. This way, all its impurities would be washed off. 
  3. Moreover, always wear the Ruby gemstone with gold or copper metal. 
  4. For the best benefit, avail a ring made up of at least 18k gold or copper metal.
  5. Meanwhile, the Ruby gemstone must be between four and twelve carats.
  6. Make sure you wear the ruby stone on the ring finger after Prana Pratishtha.
  7. Sometimes if you do a certain kind of puja before wearing the ruby stone, you get more benefits of Ruby.
  8. Make sure you buy Ruby stone from a genuine and certified seller. For reference, you can check the Ruby gemstone price on our website.

What disease can be healed by wearing Ruby gemstone?

  1. Ruby gemstone help in the healing of the mind and soul. Wearing the stone leads to curbing depression and stress, which are the most popular form of health concern right now.  
  2. Ruby gemstone must be worn by July born to strengthen their blood circulation.
  3. If you face eye-related issues, wearing Manik will benefit you so much.
  4. Also, as you are distressed, the gemstone will help in curing skin problems. 
  5. If your mind wanders a lot, especially while studying, then wearing ruby will help you still it and foucs.  
  6. People with an unstable mind are too advised to wear the ruby gemstone. 
  7. If one is suffering from Tuberculosis related to bones, then Ruby is highly advisable.

In which finger should I wear ruby gemstone?

One must always wear the Ruby gemstone in their ring finger.

Which ascendant should wear the Ruby Gemstone?

One born with Aries ascendant, Leo ascendant, Cancer ascendant, Scorpio ascendant and Sagittarius ascendant can wear Ruby.

  1. Aries ascendant – The natives of the Aries ascendant must wear ruby gemstone along with red coral. This combination is highly beneficial for anyone going through Sun Mahadasha. 
  2. Cancer ascendant – The lord of the Cancer ascendant is the Moon and the Moon is a friendly planet to the Sun. The Cancer native must wear manik stone along with pearl stone to find wealth opportunities. 
  3. Leo ascendant – The Sun is the lord of Leo ascendant. Also, Ruby is associated with the planet Sun. Thus as a Leo ascendant, you must always keep Ruby by your side. 
  4. Scorpio ascendant – For the Scorpio natives, ruby can help you in achieving career goals. 
  5. Sagittarius ascendant – The lord of the Sagittarius ascendant is friendly to the Sun. Thus wearing Ruby can benefit Sagittarius across aspects like gain, name, fate, etc. 
ruby stone benefits

Which ascendant shouldn’t wear ruby gemstone?

Taurus ascendant, Gemini, ascendant, Virgo ascendant, Libra ascendant, Capricorn ascendant, Aquarius ascendant and Pisces ascendant should never wear Ruby.

  1. Taurus ascendant – Sun and Venus are not really the best mates in astrology. Hence instead of Ruby gemstone benefits, wearing Ruby can bring serious complications for you.   
  2. Gemini ascendant – The Sun is the lord of the third house and so you should avoid wearing this stone as it is not likely to give you beneficiary results.
  3. Virgo ascendant – In instances when the Sun is in the twelfth house of the Virgo ascendant, only then you must wear Ruby stone. 
  4. Libra ascendant – Again, the lord of the Libra ascendant is Venus and Sun and Venus are not the best of friends. So the harmful effects of Ruby gemstone will be the host if a Libra ascendant wears it. However, in situations when Sun is ill-disposed in your chart, you can consider wearing ruby. 
  5. Capricorn ascendant – The Sun is in the eighth house for the Capricorn ascendant. This is an incapacious place for the Sun as per astrology. 
  6. Aquarius ascendant – The lord of Aquarius ascendant is Saturn. And the planets Sun and Saturn don’t go along. Thus if an Aquarius ascendant, avoid wearing the Ruby gemstone. 
  7. Pisces ascendant – The Sun, for the Pisces ascendant, is in the sixth house, which is the house of disease and enemy. Thus, wearing Manik stones will do you no good.

How to clean ruby gemstone?  

  1. To enjoy the long term benefits of ruby Gemstone, you must clean it with hot soapy water when you feel it has become dirty. You can also use a brush to clean the stones as it is unlikely to get affected due to its hardness. 
  2. Never use chemical agents or especially chlorine contained cleaning agents to clean the ruby gemstone. 

What is the price of Ruby gemstone?

The price of the Ruby stone depends on whether it is 4 Ratti stone, 6 Ratti stone and so on. The basic formula is the more the Ratti, the expensive the stone. Also, Ruby gemstone price depends on the country of origin. The Ruby gemstones found in Burma is of the best quality and thus expensive.

Well that is all for now, you can talk to our astrologers to find anymore information about ruby stone benefits. For more, find us on Instagram.


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