6 Most Compatible Zodiac Pairs Of 2022

Compatible couples in 2022

Years change but doesn’t change our evergreen penchant to fall in love. And this lovely winter, the marriage season and all those cute 15-sec couple videos are only fueling the desire in us to find someone who would love us till the end. Are you too one of us? Well, if 2021 wasn’t your best year to find love, then maybe 2022 would be. And to confirm the same, here is a list of what our astrologers tell us would be the most compatible zodiac signs in 2022

1. Taurus and Scorpio 

First on the list of most compatible zodiac couples of 2022 is Taurus and Scorpio. Honestly, these two zodiac signs really don’t need to rely on months, days or dates to come closer. If you, as a Taurus or Scorpio, are lucky to find each other, get along, as you would have a perfect love story right there. These two zodiac signs absolutely match and are made for each other. Both Scorpio and Taurus are down to earth, love travelling, are the horniest zodiac signs, are very humorous and very motivated. All these qualities let the two signs mingle well, and that is exactly what is happening in 2022 too. 

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However, on the downside, Scorpio must be vary of Taurus ego and meanwhile, Taurus might have to struggle to get the attention of Scorpio in 2022 as the latter would be busy with certain personal stuff. So, to make the Taurus and Scorpio compatibility work, both the signs will have to put equal effort. Taurus, shun your ego, and Scorpio, appreciate the fact that Taurus is doing so.

Tip for Scorpio and Taurus couple in 2022 – Take a week off to travel together amidst the mountains for a romantic get together.  

2. Pisces and Cancer

The next pair on the compatible zodiac pairs in 2022 list is Pisces and Cancer. These two signs belong to the water element and are more likely to cross paths in 2022. As per the Pisces horoscope 2022, the zodiac sign will be able to shun its shyness and thus will have numerous opportunities to get the pallu stuck in someone’s wristwatch. The Pisces and Cancer are very compatible on different levels. Pisces is found of adventure and so is Cancer. Even in bed, though the Cancer could be a bit shy at first, but they won’t stay away from the action for long, especially once they are comfortable or with Pisces. In a nutshell, both of these signs make life easy for each other.

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Our astrologers suggest that the Pisces and Cancer couple in 2022 must take things slow. If you happen to like Pisces or Cancer, take your time to get to know each other and don’t fall for random attraction urges. Going slow will only help ensure that your relationship lasts longer. 

Tip for Pisces and Cancer couple in 2022 – Spend some time together with nature. Go out on a picnic or a long drive. 

3. Aries and Sagittarius 

For Aries or Sagittarius, the year 2022 is full of surprises, says the horoscope 2022. Even when Aries and Sagittarius are together as friends, there is an incomparable display of emotions between the two. And these similar emotions are going to escalate in 2022 for both of you. Aka, get ready to not be just friends anymore, as in 2022, these two signs will have some chemistry brewing. 

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Sagittarius personality is an extrovert in nature and doesn’t like to be reined or controlled. Aries, themselves being very much reluctant against settling down, can only support the Sagittarian urge for freedom. These two zodiac signs are able to meet each other’s passion, strengths and both are devoted, comfortable, and passionate, thus making one of the best zodiac couples in 2022. Our astrologers suggest that you two, in 2022, own the responsibility of showing off your feelings more than you normally do. This shall include the ones that you have been hiding to date. 

Tip for Aries and Sagittarius couple in 2022 – Sagittarius must try to express their feelings more, meanwhile, Aries must learn to show that they care. 

4. Gemini and Aquarius 

Gemini and Aquarius pretend to be poles apart when people are watching, but when no one is, the love they share could even make Shakespeare blush. What we mean is that Gemini and Aquarius relationship is quite old school. Their relationship is based on intellect, fun, experiences and privacy. As two Air signs, they bring a lot of common stuff on the table, which makes them one of the most compatible zodiac signs of 2022. 

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In 2022, if you, as a Gemini, like an Aquarius, don’t be shy to express the same. However, before you do, remember that Geminis lack consistency and thus will seek your constant attention. Will be able to check that? Similarly, Aquarius is always looking for freedom and here is when Gemini needs to support them. Thankfully, both of your stars will help you in doing so in 2022. 

Tip for Gemini and Aquarius couple in 2022 – Try to understand the needs and wants of your partner more than ever.

5. Capricorn and Virgo 

As per our astrologers, Virgo would be one of the luckiest zodiac signs in 2022; when it comes to finding love. And the one they would certainly fall heads over heels with could be Capricorn. Virgo and Capricorn are a sweetly matched pair that become wholly devoted to one another. Neither of these signs is into flings and seek a promising long-term relationship for the most part. The loyalty and respect Capricorn and Virgo couple bring into the relationship make them even more compatible. Also, did we mention how steamy these two signs can get in bed? 

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Our astrologers suggest, to be higher on the most compatible zodiac pairs of 2022 list, Capricorn and Virgo must find daily ways to connect with each other. We are not suggesting clinging on to each other’s back, but also not that you ghost each other. As a couple, you can try going for a morning walk together, dinner at weekends, etc., especially when life is busy. You two are very choosy about who to date, so if you have finally found each other, there must be something special about you too. 

Tip for Capricorn and Virgo couple in 2022 – Take out time to go out on a spiritual vacation. 

6. Leo and Sagittarius 

Leo and Sagittarius are essentially going to be the most compatible zodiac pair in 2022. Sagittarius are two outgoing, fun and friendly zodiac signs. Together, they would turn out to be a couple that everyone will either love or be jealous of. And in 2022, their luck at finding love is in their favour. As per our astrologers, what Sagittarius are more attracted to is Leo’s wild and playful energy. And, on the other hand, Leo will fall for Sagittarius funny nature. Sexually too, both the signs are anytime and anywhere kind, with Leo being more of a romantic person.  

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For 2022, our astrologers suggest that if a Sagittarius is lucky to find a Leo, they must take the initiative to be more expressive towards them. Being with someone who puts effort into making a relationship work is a huge turn-on for Leo. On the other hand, in case Leo’s insecurities get the best of them, it could push the Sagittarius away. So the Sags must not let that happen (the insecurity part).

Tip for Leo and Sagittarius couple in 2022 – Move in together if you have the opportunity or simply meet each other more often. 

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