Lucky Gemstone For Each Zodiac Sign In 2022

Best gemstone for each zodiac sign in 2022

Gemstones are trendy, cool and look really adorable and out of the world. And wearing them can surely make heads turn. However, when it comes to wearing gemstones, the foremost thing to note is that they aren’t like gold or silver, which you can pick and wear any time of the day. When choosing a gemstone to wear in 2022, one thing you need to be aware of is what is the best gemstone for each zodiac sign in 2022. Why? Because only the right gemstone will bring you luck and help in future enhancement. 

But how to find the right gemstone for 2022? Well, we asked our astrologers the same question, and they gave the list of the lucky gemstone for each zodiac sign in 2022.

Take NOTE that to find the lucky gemstone, astrologers rely on your ascendant sign. For the one who doesn’t know what an ascendant sign is, it is simply the zodiac sign that was placed in the first house of your Kundli at the time of your birth. 

To find your ascendant sign, follow these simple steps:

  • Keep your Janam Kundli with yourself and if you don’t have one, get it from HERE.
  • Once you have it, find the 1st house in Kundli.
  • You will see some numbers written (such as 1, 2, 3 etc.) in each house. You need to know what number is mentioned in the first house.
  • 1 is for Aries. 2 is for Taurus. 3 is for Gemini. 4 is for Cancer. 5 is for Leo. 6 is for Virgo. 7 is for Libra. 8 is for Scorpio. 9 is for Sagittarius. 10 is for Capricorn. 11 is for Aquarius. 12 is for Pisces. 
  • That’s how you find your ascendant sign.

Lucky Gemstone for Aries in 2022 

Aries natives have Mars as their ruling planet. Meanwhile, Sun and Jupiter are the lucky planets for the Aries. So to have a combined blessing of these planets, Aries in 2022 must wear either Garnet or Red coral gemstone. As per our astrologers, these lucky gemstones for Aries in 2022 will help them get across the hurdles in finance, marriage and laziness. Garnet gemstone will help in promoting your business if it has been struggling for a while. Red coral will add passion to your love life.

Lucky Gemstone for Taurus in 2022 

The zodiac sign Taurus is ruled by Venus, and Mercury and Saturn are its beneficial planets. If you belong to this sign, the lucky gemstone for you in 2022 would be Opal or Diamond. As per our astrologers, Taurus natives are work-oriented and like to live a luxurious life. They can get a bit irritated and hard on themselves if things are not going as per their plan. Thankfully, these gemstones will help the Taurus n 2022 to get back on track. Wearing a diamond will increase the romance quotient in Taurus. Opal, on the other hand, will help them shun their serious nature.

Lucky Gemstone for Gemini in 2022 

Gemini is ruled by the Mercury planet. Venus and Saturn are lucky planets for Gemini. The best gemstones in 2022 for Gemini are Jade or Emerald. The Gemini sign is mentally very active and could have unnecessary thoughts plaguing their mind every now and then. These gemstones thus help in balancing such unneeded thoughts and emotions. While the Jade gemstone helps in promoting peace and positivity, Emerald, on the other hand, will boost a Gemini’s confidence in 2022.  

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Lucky Gemstone for Caner in 2022 

Best gemstone in 2022 for Cancer is Pearl. Also, these natives can consider wearing Moonstone too. Cancer ascendant is ruled by the Moon, and both these gemstones represent the Moon in some way or the other. Meanwhile, Pearl also helps in enhancing the Mars and Jupiter energy for Cancer. If you think you are way too emotional, which Cancers usally are, the Moonstone will help you with emotional stability. In 2022, these two gemstones will benefit Cancer in love and business the most.  

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Lucky Gemstone for Leo in 2022 

Sun is the ruling planet of Leo. The beneficial planets for Leo are Jupiter and Mars. The best gemstone in 2022 for Leo would be Red Spinel or Yellow sapphire. Leo is an ambitious child always seeking to dominate. However, when they don’t bump into the win-win situation, they can get pretty heavy on themselves. Thus to overcome the stress, anxiety and even depression that follows, Leo must wear this lucky gemstone in 2022. 

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Lucky Gemstone for Virgo in 2022 

Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury. Saturn and Venus are the favourable planets to Virgo. In 2022, while Saturn can help Virgo with new opportunities, Venus, meanwhile, will help you on the romance front. And to enhance the energies of these two planets, you must wear Emerald or Green tourmaline. Apart from love, these gemstones can guide the individual through self-realization. Tourmaline is really lucky for school going kids. 

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Lucky Gemstone for Libra in 2022 

Venus controls the Libra sign, and Mercury and Saturn are its friendly planets. In 2022, the Libra ascendants can wear either White Quartz or Diamond to have luck in their favour. Libra people like to be balanced, but the 2022 horoscope suggests that there would be some kind of emotional disbalances in their life. Thus for spiritual healing and reining stress or anger that could follow, you may wear the mentioned stones. 

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Lucky Gemstone for Scorpio in 2022 

Scorpios are unique individuals, famous for their boldness in bed, hardworking nature and fun-loving attitude. And happens, the best gemstones for 2022 for Scorpio is also rare. To grab the Mars energy, the Scorpio ascendant in 2022 must wear Carnelian or Red Coral stone. These two gemstones favour luck and enhance the self-confidence and stamina of individuals. Also, in 2022 these gemstones will favour foreign travel.

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Lucky Gemstone for Sagittarius in 2022 

Jupiter controls Sagittarius, and the friendly planets to this zodiac sign are Mars and Sun. When considering Lucky gemstones for each zodiac sign in 2022, the Sagittarius has got Ruby and Yellow Sapphire to their name. Sagittarius are outgoing, calm, friendly and usually remain surrounded by friends. And hence, they always seek to present the best version of themselves. And helping them with the same in 2022 will be the aforementioned gemstones that will boost their confidence and promote positive energy.

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Lucky Gemstone for Capricorn in 2022 

The Capricorn sign is ruled by Saturn, and Venus and Mercury are its friendly planet. In 2022, the Capricorn horoscope predicts the signs of mental fatigue and laziness for these individuals, and the hardworking Capricorn would surely not like that. Thus to counter the same, Capricorn in 2022 can choose to wear the Blue Sapphire or Diamond gemstone. These gemstones will help the native in realising their personal strengths.

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Lucky Gemstone for Aquarius in 2022

Lolite and Blue Sapphire are the best gemstones in 2022 that will make the Aquarius speak their heart out. What we mean is that Aquarius natives tend to be very secretive. They have so much to tell but lack the art of communicating. This could make them a bit emotionally unstable. Hence, to release this pressure, wear the mentioned stones. The energies from these gemstones are known to enhance leadership qualities and help in removing discords with relationships. 

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Lucky Gemstone for Pisces in 2022 

The Pisces sigs is ruled by Jupiter. So obviously, yellow Topaz is one stone that is very lucky for Pisces. Meanwhile, these natives can also choose to wear natural Pearl to attract the Moon energy, which is Pisces friendly planet. These gemstones eliminate fear and anxiety. They inspire you to take on new roles, and this is how you know your potential.

So this was the list of lucky gemstones for all zodiac signs in 2022. To know what metal you must wear these gemstones with, you can talk to our astrologers.  

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