Least To Most Romantic Zodiac Signs As Per Astrology

most romantic zodiac signs

Romanticism was an 18th century artistic, literary, musical and intellectual movement that flourished in Europe. And if that didn’t inspire you to be your romantic best, then these most romantic zodiac signs and what specifically makes them romantic just might. 

Being romantic come in all shapes and sizes. Like some people are plain-dead-serious romantic, while others – hopeless romantic. For some, making fun of you is all that romance is (hey Chandler), while some literally have no idea that how romantic they are. All in all, we all have something that makes us romantic. However, there is naturally someone who is more romantic than you, and to pinpoint them, we asked our astrologers who is the most romantic zodiac sign in astrology and here is what we found out. 

12. Aquarius

Romance and Aquarius don’t really share the best bond. The only thing that can push the Aquarius up on the most romantic zodiac signs table is the fact that if you love them without asking for their commitment. Really slow when it comes to falling in love, Aquarius are the ones you first need to friend and then romance with. As a human, they are a bit conservative about their space and likes to tread alone in life. That doesn’t mean they don’t need anyone. It’s simply the fact that they believe that they don’t need anyone. You simply have to make them feel that they do and once you do so, you will have all their romance to feast on.

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11. Sagittarius

A Sagittarius is extroverted and one of the most adventurous zodiac signs. They are the rarest of creatures who can have fun all alone with themselves. Though the self-absorbed quality of them rarely inspire them to find love but when they do so, you can trust them for their loyalty. A Saggitarius has a great sense of humour, which is the first thing that would make you fall for them. And by chances you don’t, then their sensuality, aka Sagittarius in a thigh-slit dress will take you down on your knees. All in all, it takes a very special person to make any Sagittarius fall in love and if you have a Sag partner, trust us you got something that is rare.

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10. Aries

An Aries is more of a passionate kind of lover rather than an old-school romantic. As the first sign of the zodiac jungle, they have a tendency to dominate over their partner, which is an instant mood killer for some people. However, on the bright side, when in love with an Aries, you can expect lots of sensuality in your relationship as that is one way they tend to show their love. Aries people are also really protective of their human which you may sometimes not find comfortable. But all in all, you are to have a good time loving Aries as they really like to pamper their partner.

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9. Capricorn

Capricorns, apart from being work-oriented, are also very shy. And this shyness of theirs perfectly hides their romantic nature. So any non-Capricorn reading this, the one you have a crush is not really rude but simply a bit self-absorbed. However, once you breach their shyness guard, you will find a very passionate lover in a Capricorn. They are naturally authoritative and rely on traditional forms of romance like writing letters or singing you a song. As a lover, Capricorns are highly attentive and an emotional person who is definitely devoted to their ‘the one’ but isn’t necessarily a typical romantic.

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8. Gemini

Although Gemini is a bit flirt, meet new people and have fun kind of perosn, but still, they take really long to find love for themselves. Honestly, Geminis are a bit too scared to fall in love. They have to align themselves with the thought of how their life would change after falling in love and that too much thinking ends up messing their thoughts. Geminis are usually free-willed and they think falling in love would need them to meet the other person’s expectations as well. That is why love as a feeling comes as a big surprise to them.

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7. Virgo

Virgo is though usally a very romantic zodiac sign but they would be the first to scoop out of love after a breakup. So if you expect to patch up with a Virgo after that one long breakup fight, it could sometimes get rather difficult. However, when in love, Virgos are most compassionate. They give up their wish for their partner and are a great planner. When you love a Virgo, you don’t have to worry about deciding where to eat, what to wear as they would take care of all of it. In a word, they like to pamper you in love. The best thing about Virgo is the fact they don’t force you into love. They just try to make sure you have no reasons to bid adieu.

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6. Scorpio

When you see a Scorpio, you may feel they are some kind of mysterious people who like their own company. But talk to a Scorpio for a minute or two, and all such perceptions of yours shall go whoosh!! Scorpio is a byword for sex. They are known for their blend of sensuality, romanticism and very charming sense of humour. In a nutshell, if you love a Scorpio, all you are doing is either having a fruitful conversation or simply ‘breaking bed’. With Scorpio, you are to never get bored and will discover what love is in its true form.

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5. Cancer

Cancer is a water sign and thus very sensitive by nature. They are not against the idea of love but their romantic streak depends on their first experience with love. Prone to giving their all, Cancer head along into commitments in their attempt to weave a full-fledged romantic relationship. They are to lure you with grand love gestures. They don’t hesitate in making special efforts for their love and rarely expect anything in return. However, this selfness of one of the most romantic zodiac signs only stays intact until they are not cheated in love. Thereafter, it gets very difficult for them to trust anyone.

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4. Leo

Leo occupies the fourth spot on the most romantic zodiac signs list. If you are a Leo, you are to be very bold in love. You have a deep understanding of your lover’s feelings and desires, and are likely to modify your actions based on that understanding. Extremely forward and self-assured, when a Leo falls in love, they tend to illuminate their partner’s life with the positivity of body and soul. Also, Leos are very expressive so it pretty difficult for them to hide their feelings for someone. All in all, since Leos are the ones who follow their heart, they can fall in love fairly quickly and are really great at it.

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3. Libra

Libra, as one of the most romantic zodiac signs as per astrology, is someone who likes to spoil and be spoiled in love. , As an air sign, Libra can bring harmony and peace in their lover’s life. When you fall for them, you are to get a personal chef, trainer, p*** star, motivator and what not. Also, any Libra out there is obsessed with finding the equilibrium in different aspects of their life, so once they have found a partner who is loyal, caring and goal-oriented, they see them as the missing piece to their equilibrium puzzle and do literally anything and everything to keep them 

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2. Taurus

Ruled by the planet Venus (the planet of love), Taurus is a package of emotions for anyone willing to be patient enough to unpack them. A Taurus in love is stringently loyal, touchy, caring, sensual and possessive. Taurus set high standards for love, and dating them could sometimes be like dating dinners, expensive gifts, going on tours and lots of wild sex. However, Taurus is also a very cryptic sign. You can’t expect them to share everything with you, especially their problems. In such situations, you don’t have to force them. Just let them be and see how quickly they come back to making fun of you, which is yet another romantic gesture they are known to home.

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1. Pisces

Seated next to Aries (the most sensual zodiac sign of the zodiac jungle), Pisces is a water sign. And being a water sign makes them very sensitive and caring. Pisces are of a dreamy nature when it comes to romance. Even before they hop on to the paddle of love, they have already dreamt every little detail of it. From what clothes to wear on a date to what kind of selfies to take, their romantic ideals are interesting to hear and be a part of. So if searching for that one overly romantic partner, the Pisces is one you would fall for, slowly but surely.

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