Planets signs and their significance in astrology


Astrology planets and their significance

In part 3 of how to read kundli, we have studied the significance of houses, how to read houses in Kundli and how these houses affect one's life. Also, we have learned about planets in astrology. However, understanding the nature of planets or signs is still one path we need to tread on.

So in this post, we are going to learn about the significance of each of the planets and signs, their nature and everything you need to know about them to learn to read them in a better way. Understanding the nature of these planets is vital as it helps in understanding how they would generally treat you or leave their reflection on you. Also, it helps you learn the traits they rule over and much more. So let's get started.

Planets in astrology and what they mean

Each planet in astrology has a particular nature and meaning. Also, there are certain things that it controls. For example, the planet Sun controls the father and also the brain of the individual. Also, all the planets have certain colours they favour, an element, nature, caste, etc.

But you must also know that this nature of planets is subject to change when the planet conjuncts with any other planet or sign. For example, if Rahu and Ketu conjunct with the most powerful planets like Sun and Moon, they not only cause eclipses but may also change the nature of Sun and Moon. Then the association of any malefic planet can evaporate the good natural results of any planet.

Sun’s in astrology meaning

The Sun is known as the soul of all planets. It possesses various positive traits such as having immense strength, self-respect, authority, etc. It is Sun to show how a person projects himself onto the world.

In astrology, a strong Sun is a significator of energy and authority, while a weak Sun can make a person egoistic and less confident. You may need a strong Sun when it comes to your career and profession, but not when you deal with personal relationships.

Sun nature in astrology: It belongs to the fire element, favours dark red colour, man, represents Kshatriya caste, vice planet, Sattva guna, and Pitta nature.

Sun in astrology controls the brain, heart, eyes, head and bones. It represents the father, copper, trees with fruits, small trees, wheat.

Mars in astrology meaning

Mars in astrology denotes courage, passion, bravery, strength and confidence. If you have a strong Mars in kundli, then you will be able to excel in your career and any other professional endeavour. Meanwhile, a negative Mars is harmful to your married life.

Mars’s nature in astrology: Mars belongs to the fire element. The planet signifies cruel, aggressive nature, represents warrior (Kshatriya) class, Tamo-guni, Pitta nature and favours red colour.

Mars in astrology controls siblings, arms, thief, wound, daal, Pitta, blood, muscles, operation, ears and nose etc.

Moon in astrology meaning

The planet Moon in astrology represents the person’s mind, is known for its motherly effect on the human and imparts love, peace of mind, positivity, and emotions. The strength of the Moon in kundli will help you in all stages of life as it represents self. However, a weak Moon can bring troubles related to the mind such as stress, depression, loss of interest, etc.

Moon’s nature in astrology: Moon in astrology belongs to the Vaisya (business-class) caste. It denotes women, Sattva Guna, Vaat-Kapha nature and favours while colour. Meaning you must wear white more often if the Moon in your Kundli is weak.

Moon in astrology controls one’s mind, mother, art, eyesight, saliva, lungs, mind, silver, sweet, rice and chest.

Venus in astrology meaning

In astrology, the planet Venus is the signifier of love, relationship, romance, sex life, and all such mushy traits. It also has an effect on the relationship that one shares with their spouse and even business associates. Thus, a strong Venus in kundli favours professional life while a weak Venus is responsible for plagued love life and relationships.

Venus’s nature in astrology: Venus belongs to the Brahmin caste and is beautiful, female. It represents water lament, charm, Rajoguni and Kapha nature.

The colour that favours Venus is white and favours one's beauty, wife, love affair, sex, nuptial bliss, poetry, singing, eyes and women etc.

Mercury in astrology meaning

Mercury in astrology is the significator of a person's speech, humour, intelligence, logic and alertness. By the words of it, you must have understood that strong mercury favours education. It assumes more importance during the early stage of education.

Mercury’s nature in astrology: The planet Mercury represents the business class (Vaishya). It is a neutral planet belonging to the earth element.T the planet Mercury consists of all three Vaat, Pitta and Kapha natures. The colour that favours Mercury is green.

The planet Mercury represents mother's brother, diseases such as sex-related or skin relates. Moreover, it also represents mathematics, trade, speech, tongue, voice, dumbness and laziness.

Jupiter in astrology meaning

Jupiter is one of the most benefic planets in astrology. The planet can help you in various endeavours, especially when it comes to acquiring all sorts of knowledge. Jupiter helps the person excel in education and career. Thus Jupiter doesn't have much significance in the early age of the person.

Jupiter’s nature in astrology: The planet represents the Brahmin caste and space element. The planet denotes Sattva Guna and Kapha nature. The colour that represents Jupiter is Yellow.

Jupiter also depicts Vedas, religion, devotion, gold, wisdom, guru, fat, Kapha, swelling, home, education, sun, progeny, marriage and kidney etc.

Saturn in astrology meaning

Saturn in astrology is the ruler of karma thus also called the karmic planet. Its results depend on the karma of the person. Meaning it can be both positive and negative for the human depending upon your karma. If you do good things in life, Saturn will help you achieve more, but if you do bad deeds, Saturn will teach you a lesson as it is also a teacher.

Saturn's nature in astrology: The planet Saturn represents the black colour. It has the air element to its name. Also, Saturn is denoted by strange eyes, thin and tall body, cruel, impotent. The caste that Saturn represents is Shudra. It is of Vaat Kapha nature.

Saturn represents traits such as jealousy, roguishness, thief, beasts, servants, age, moles, physical strength, practice of Yoga, luxury, renunciation, service and heart diseases etc.

Rahu in astrology meaning

Rahu is the planet that represents human desires, manipulation apart from many other significations attached to him. Rahu is the shadow planet that is without any form. It is known to make the person addicted, greedy and fill him or her with negatives in case the individual falls into the trap of the Rahu. If you fall for the greed that Rahu is unknown to reek then you will have to see its wrath.

Rahu's nature in astrology: Rahu is a Vice planet of Chandaal, Tamoguni, Vaat Pitta nature. It signifies dark colours.

Rahu also denotes grandfather, grandmother, deception, accident, quarrel, theft, snake bites, abroad travel, skin related diseases, legs and difficult progress in life.

Ketu in astrology meaning

Ketu is astrology is the signifier of spirituality but detachment also. Ketu is another shadow planet in astrology apart from Rahu. Ketu is known to fulfil a person’s materialistic desires but for its individual gains. An adverse effect of Ketu can either turn the person away from mundane and worldly desires or make him greedy about it.

Ketu's nature in astrology: Ketu’s nature in astrology is like Mars.

Signs in astrology and their nature

Let us have a look at the nature of signs after learning the nature and significance of planets.

Aries: Odd, Fiery, Movable, Barren, Violent, Quadruped, Short ascension, Male, Bilious, Forest, Hilly Areas, Head, Brain

Taurus: Even, Earthy, Fixed, Semi Fruitful, Quadruped, Short ascension, Female, Windy, Agricultural Land, Face, Eyes

Gemini: Odd, Airy, Dual, Barren, Human, Double-bodied, Voice, Short ascension, Male, Bile, Wind and Phlegm, Bedroom, Throat, Shoulder, Arms, Lungs

Cancer: Even, Watery, Movable, Fruitful, Mute, Long ascension, Female, Phlegm, Chasm with water, Chest

Leo: Odd, Fiery, Fixed, Barren, Human, Long ascension, Male, Bilious, Forest, Heart, Upper Abdomen

Virgo: Even, Earthy, Dual, Barren, Human, Long ascension, Female, Windy, Mountain, Lower Abdomen, Spleen

Libra: Odd, Airy, Movable, Semi Fruitful, Voice, Long ascension, Male, Bile, Wind and Phlegm, Entertainment Places, Genitalia, Kidney.

Scorpio: Even, Watery, Fixed, Fruitful, Mute, Violent, Centipede, Long ascension, Female, Phlegm, Underground, Excretory Organs.

Sagittarius: Odd, Fiery, Dual, Semi Fruitful, Double - bodied, Quadruped (Second Half), Long ascension, Male, Bilious, Military Places, Thighs, Liver.

Capricorn: Even, Earthy, Movable, Semi Fruitful, Quadruped, Short ascension, Female, Windy, Watery, Knee.

Aquarius: Odd, Airy, Fixed, Human, Voice, Short ascension, Male, Bile, Wind and Phlegm, Porter House, Shin.

Pisces: Even, Watery, Dual, Fruitful, Mute, Double- Bodied, Centipede, Short ascension, Female, Phlegm, Sea, Feet

How to use this information to make a prediction?

Simply said, you have learned about houses, planets and signs in astrology. Now all you need to do is combine all the information you have collected to read your kundli for yourself. Then you need to find the lord of the house (we have learned that too). Here, number 11 is written in the 1st house indicating the sign Aquarius and it is ruled by Saturn. What this means is that planet Saturn is affecting native's looks.


Now the lord of the 1st house is Saturn but Saturn himself sits in some other house. In the chart above, Saturn is positioned in the seventh house with Sun and Mercury in the Leo sign (5 = Leo). Sun is the lord of Leo too, thus Sun will also affect native's looks.

Saturn, as we have learned above, represents the black colour. It has the air element to its name. Also, Saturn is denoted by strange eyes, thin and tall body, cruel, impotent, thin and tall body.

Sun's nature is a square shape, short height, dark red colour, man, warrior class, vice, Sattva Guna, fire element.

Meaning, the native in question will have the characteristics of both these planets.

With that being said, here was everything a beginner needed to know to learn to read Kundli. Surely, there are many more dimensions to kundli reading, but for now, this is what you can get started with. All the best.

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