How to check extra marital affairs in the birth chart?

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The topic of love and sex has long piqued people’s curiosity. Hence, numerous films are here about people from all over the world in romantic relationships. Similar to the movies, individuals fall in love and marry the love of their lives in real life as well. After a while, individuals start falling in love and having romantic relationships outside of marriage. They engage in extra marital affairs, which might ruin their marriage. 

An unanswered question is how a person would act after being married. No one indeed wants a cheating partner. It is because loyalty is one of the most important aspects of any relationship, whether it is romantic or marital. Let’s thus attempt to comprehend the astrological aspects that lead someone to defy social conventions and begin a secret relationship.

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Planets for extra marital affairs in Kundli

Our society is all into rituals, conventions, and certain established laws and regulations. They define what is and is not considered ethical behavior. Extra marital affairs are more than frequent in the modern world nowadays. It is because of several psychological and social developments throughout time. Because cheating involves toying with someone else’s emotions and sentiments, which is unacceptable, it is taboo in a majority of situations.


This unconventional viewpoint emphasizes the significance of the north node of the Moon, the fictitious planet known as Rahu. Rahu, which denotes an antisocial aspect and an unorthodox attitude, is crucial for assessing adultery. Therefore, this misty planet signifies obsession, mischief, dread, confusion, lying, deceit, and unfulfilled wishes. The features listed can all be associated with extra marital affairs or infidelity.


The Moon, the planet in charge of your feelings and emotions, is the second critical planet to keep an eye on. It rules the instinctive sensation and intuition that prompts everyone to act. An emotionally unstable individual may ride the wave of their emotions if the Moon in their birth chart is weak. Therefore, extra marital relationships occur in the life of a native due to a weak Moon in astrology.


The prince charming of astrology is said to be Mercury, the planet of intellect. It gives the locals a young mentality. You have a good possibility of drawing the opposite sex to you like a magnet if Mercury is in pleasant signs or homes. It also gives you the confidence to approach her and make a move. You frequently hide your connection from others outside of it.


The star of the birth chart is the scorching planet Mars. It provides the drive needed to carry out any action. Mars is a symbol of strong character, bravery, and excitement. In a post-marital affair, sexual power and desire are what natives observe as and when being governed by this factor.


Venus, the planet of romance and love, represents wealth and pleasure, aesthetic beauty, and worldly pleasures, including sexual appetites. It is the most important motivator in any exotic relationship and is in charge of the excitement and appeal of romantic love.

The key planets to watch for extra sexual connections after marriage are Rahu, Moon, Mercury, Mars, and Venus. The placement, aspect, and conjunction of these planets in the 3rd, 7th, and 11th houses, also known as the houses of carnal desires (kama sthana). In the 5th house of love affairs, the 7th house of marriage and relationships, the 8th house of secrecy, or the 12th house of bed pleasures, one should consider.

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Houses for extra marital affairs in Kundli

With the zodiac signs, there are many houses that are responsible for the extra marital affairs in the horoscope of a person.

3rd house

The third house, which governs extramarital relationships in astrology, is also a component of the desire trine (kama trikona). It represents your efforts, strength, and courage that motivate someone to defy societal conventions. It strongly indicates extra marital affairs when this house connects to other crucial houses or planets stated above.

4th house

The fourth house provides a window into the general well-being and prosperity. If there is no love or sex in a relationship, the person may find romance elsewhere. Due to malefic planet influences in the fourth house, the native may experience marital discontent and engage in post-marriage secret relations.

5th house

The fifth house is the key house to look at for any form of a love connection in a birth chart. Its Lord and planets positioned in this house provide insight into the mind and imagination, and romantic endeavours. Moreover, it also shows how you desire to get courted, and potential partners.

7th house

This house in astrology governs your dignity and connection. Additionally, since it looks after your marriage, it becomes a crucial point to see when predicting someone’s involvement in extramarital activities. Malefic’s presence and influence will cause issues in your marriage and possess the potential to start other affairs. This house reveals your propensity for intimate physical contact and is one of the three homes of carnal cravings. Internal sexual and reproductive organs are also under the authority of the seventh house.

8th house

The eighth house is associated with secrecy and mystery. The forbidden subjects and how people react to them are also a matter of the eighth house. It destroys marriages and is the second to seventh house. The eighth house also includes exterior sexual organs and scandals. The original location for Scorpio is the location in a birth chart that has its particular allure and longing.

9th house

The house of moral rectitude is what the ninth house in astrology sees. The individual will remain devoted to his or her marriage if the ruler of the 9th house is potent. Also, the same may happen if it has some link to Jupiter. There is a potential for extra marriage affairs if Rahu, Mars, or Saturn are in the ninth house or its Lord. However, the placement of Rahu with Jupiter or in a trine to it will also confuse and agitate the native. It raises the likelihood of extra marital affairs.

11th house

In a horoscope, the eleventh house is typically the house of profits and accomplishments. If it links to the houses or planets of relationships, it also contains the gains in such connections. Being the house of Aquarius, with the most enigmatic characteristics, it lends the natives a defiant attitude and intensifies their peculiar instinct. In astrology, the fifth house from the seventh denotes adulterous relationships. This residence is a kaama-trikona (carnal desire trine) as well.

12th house

The house of bed delights is the twelfth house. So, as per Vedic astrology, it represents sexual delights. Using this house, one may perceive the deep connections and buried fantasies. Moreover, the 12th house indicates emotional bondless sexual engagement. A person might feel liberated from physical and worldly pleasures in this home. Also, after giving up enough indulgence in sensual pleasures. Moreover, they may begin to lean toward spirituality. It is also the home of unmet wishes.

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Other yogas for extra marital affairs in horoscope

Maintaining control over your emotions and intellect is crucial for any successful relationship. We may state that for any extramarital affair to occur, there must be a PAC link. A placement, aspect, and conjunction of the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 8th, 11th, and 12th houses and their lords with each other or with malefic planets. 

  • Planets like Moon, Mars, Venus, or Rahu must create a PAC (placement, aspect, or conjunction) with Mercury. Due to the fact that these planets are associated with emotions, passion, or sexual needs.
  • A person may begin a covert love affair. It could be because of the Moon’s trine to Mercury, Rahu-Mercury conjunction, Venus-Rahu conjunction, or Mars-Rahu conjunction.
  • Rahu will cause someone to take an illicit route if Venus-Mars, the planets of love or desire. In the birth chart, the conjunction and mutual aspect of the Moon with Rahu or Saturn causes a “punarbhu” dosha, which has unfavorable effects.
  • When such conjunction occurs in the signs of Aries, Scorpio, Gemini, or Libra, the likelihood of engaging in a romantic relationship outside of marriage increases significantly. Similar to how the influence of the Bharani Nakshatra may amplify the impacts. You might behave unfaithfully if Saturn is in any way aspected or placed.
  • Given that the third, seventh, and eleventh houses all relate to the “kaama,” or desire. Any malefic combinations in these houses or with their respective lords evoke the desire to engage in extra marital affair.
  • However, if Jupiter is trined or conjoined to Mercury, the native becomes mature, pragmatic, and practical about marriage. The native is, therefore, less prone to engage in adulterous or covert relationships.

The likelihood of having an extramarital affair increases with the number of these houses and planets present. The outcomes are more obvious with the involvement of Aries, Scorpio, Gemini, or Libra. The placement of the ninth house/lord or Jupiter in conjunction with Mercury, the Moon, the houses as mentioned earlier, or the ascendant. However, it will be a blessing and eliminate the possibility of extra marital affairs.

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