How to find your life partner by birth chart?

life partner by birth chart

When it is about two people for marriage, a realistic mind simply considers the potential groom and bride’s origins, families, cultures, level of financial stability, appearances, etc. The question of whether the pair complemented each other in outlook, temperament, conduct, and habits is left unaddressed. Astrology can accurately predict if a couple will have the chemistry necessary for a long-lasting marriage. Getting a life partner by birth chart enables us to comprehend the issue of choosing the correct person.

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Role of Kundli matching in marriage

By examining the Kundli of both spouses, it is possible to mitigate the negative effects of dashas on marriage and the future of the couple. According to the positions of the planets and stars, your future functions. Mangal and Shanwedashas can occasionally cause issues in a marriage. Kundli matching can determine whether the financial stability after marriage will be disrupted by comparing Gunas. When two Kundli matches, it is to see whether any planetary movements have harmed the other person’s professional development.

If Bhakoot dosha is present, this problem is frequently present. Astrology explains the puzzling subject of how to discover your spouse using their birth chart. An experienced Vedic astrologer may correct or reduce these doshas with appropriate astrological pre-marital counseling. According to spousal astrology, certain houses provide specific information about partners.

Which house represents your life partner?

The birth chart’s seventh house contains a wealth of information about the partner. Check to see whether any planets are present in the seventh. You can figure out the personality of your spouse by the planetary traits and the house it rules. The seventh Lord provides details about the spouse as well. Check out the sign and placement the Lord of the seventh house is in. The planetary aspects in that house will help you explain your marriage and the blissfulness that shall come with it. Additionally, the positions of Jupiter and Venus provide trustworthy data.

Steps to know your life partner by birth chart?

These days, men and women think it’s crucial to carefully review the charts before making a choice. A thorough examination of the birth chart may undoubtedly help you choose the ideal life mate with the aid of marriage astrology.

  • Start by reading the Lagna and D-1 charts to learn more about the native.
  • Ahead, examine the Navamsha to determine whether it agrees with the D1 to learn more about a potential life mate.
  • Check the Upapada Lagna and the Arudha Pada of the 12th house right away.
  • The tenth house would then reveal specific information about the prospective spouse’s line of work.
  • The native’s career shall see effects by the correlation between the 10th and the 7th house. Your spouse may see a deduction in their career from the Nakshatra of the seventh house Lord.
  • Examine the Lord of the eleventh to determine the partner’s financial standing. If it conjuncts the seventh house Lord or moves to the seventh house, the spouse’s wealth will exceed that of the native.
  • Later, assess the potential for Sreenath yoga to see if the native would benefit more from good fortune following the event of marriage.
  • If the seventh house’s ruler is exalted in the ninth and tenth houses, creating a raja yoga, a native will prosper after marriage.
  • A strong seventh house lord indicates that the spouse is from a prosperous and well-off family. However, a weak seventh house Lord indicates that the partner is from a lower socioeconomic class or lacks a stable social position.

So, you see how getting a life partner by birth chart might be useful to you in several ways.

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Use of Kundli in marriage problems

You consider the issues before and after marriage, and your birth information has solutions to every issue related to marriage and married life. It helps you determine when is a good time to get married. Also, it directs you to expedite your attempts to get married during those periods. Take advantage of the moments when marital yoga is most successful, as determined by the Kundli. You are merely worrying yourself if you miss the golden age and continue trying when this marriage yoga will not bear fruit.

As previously said, one should attempt to glean any signals about the prospective spouse from the birth information. After comparing the charts based on the ten marriage compatibility elements again by birth information, one should get married. It clarifies the connection between you and your family after marriage. One of the finest things one may employ, in my opinion, is short counseling before marriage. From birth information, learn everything there is to know about your life partner’s work, wealth, character, and loyalty.

Even if you likely already know many of these details about your life partner in a love marriage, it is still advisable to have your charts matched. If you don’t want to do this, you may always attend pre-marital counseling instead. The specifics of your birth date may be a great guide to understanding life before and after marriage. Therefore, if there can be issues in a marriage, your birth information can predict all of this. By following these easy procedures, you may learn all the factors related to your birth that may cause problems in your marriage and married life.

What shape will my life partner take?

Similar to how some combinations might indicate a native’s appearance, attractiveness, complexion, and general personality traits in a potential mate. By carefully examining the partner’s chart, we can also find instances or probability of infidelity or faithfulness. There are techniques to determine the spouse’s location and the direction from which he or she will enter your life. A skilled Vedic astrologer can assist you in choosing the ideal spouse using only the provided date of birth.

How can astrology help you have a happy marriage?

The issue of how to have a happy marriage based on astrology is incorrect. Once you are aware of the elements of choosing a life partner by the birth chart, there is only one requirement for a good marriage: adherence to the relationship compatibility variables between the two life partners. You can investigate this either through chart matching for marriage or by attending pre-marital counseling. Your birth information has enough information to verify these compatibility variables.

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