Rudraksha for women: Myths, facts and rules for wearing it

Rudraksha for women

Aside from the holiness associated with the Rudraksha, contemporary science claims that it functions as a shield against harmful energy. Protection shall come and shield you keeping you away from harm and hurt. You might seek a negative impact or energy from the person seated next to us. We often lose attention when we seek impacts because we become agitated, and we may not be able to regulate our thoughts. Rudraksha for women can avoid developing harmful habits and other addictions that have the potential to drag our lives lower. So, should women wear Rudraksha? Well, let us see.

Whether or not women can wear Rudraksha has long been ambiguous. The taboo against women wearing it has steadily diminished due to recent changes in lifestyle and increasing religious awareness. No matter what special qualities each of his numerous creations have, the world’s creator never makes distinctions between them. It is a reality that applies to both men and women in spades.

Rudraksha wearing was restricted to men alone by the collective consciousness of the Hindu faith. Even though it is a well-known practice, many female saints still wear it today. This is indeed a compelling argument that dispels outdated stereotypes about women wearing Rudraksha. These female saints adhered assiduously to the traditions and possessed a high level of religious understanding. By following what these exalted spirits preached to them, their followers elevated them to an ecstatic pedestal.

The trend of Rudraksha for women is gaining steam as they break free from psychological restraints, although questions persist among the general public. A deeper and more comprehensive comprehension of its spiritual and scientific merits is needful to dispel the false assumptions about women wearing them. Lord Mahadev bestows his blessings upon those who wear the auspicious Rudraksha because it fosters mental qualities like focus and self-assurance.

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Rudraksha for women: Myths vs. Reality

Few individuals limit or oppose women wearing Rudraksha because of a lack of information or rumour highly distorted by misconceptions. The precious old truths completely disprove the legendary story. The entire universe became dark as Goddess Parvati covered Lord Shiva’s eyes. She travelled to Kanchi in intense penance after repenting her deed and donning Rudraksha beads. The Goddess’s donning of a Rudraksha sends the message that wearing one is not prohibited in any way.

Rudraksha for women will benefit similarly to how female ascetics who wear it receive enlightenment through dedication, which gives them pleasant ideas and energy to use in their daily lives. Women can achieve lasting tranquillity and experience its therapeutic effects on their bodies and minds in the modern world of mental problems and the search for peace. It’s time to let go of ignorance and use Rudraksha to channel good energy throughout the body.

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Significance of Rudraksha for women

Never let the opinions of others influence a woman’s decision to wear a rudraksha. Every one of us is aware of the universal reality that Goddess Shakti, also known as Parvati, is a component of God Shiva and that neither Shiva nor Shakti exists in isolation from one another. It also validates our idea that they are two sides of the same coin since God offers half of the body to enshrine the Goddess inside him. It universally holds for both genders on Earth and wearing a Rudraksha. Therefore, ladies can wear a Rudraksha and benefit from its blissful energy.

Following the purchase of a Rudraksha mala, you must perform certain rituals:

  • Always choose a genuine Rudraksha mala. It is the first and most important thing to accomplish.
  • The Jaap mala shouldn’t be too tight. Also, they must be precise and well-placed.
  • It must also contain Sumeru beads. After adding the Sumeru beads, there should be 109 beads.

Additionally, the following rituals— conditioning of Rudraksha—must be taken into account after obtaining the Rudraksha mala:

  • Wash it with clean water.
  • Dry up the surface by wiping it with a fresh cloth.
  • Immerse mala in ghee for a night.
  • Rinse it off and let it sit in cow milk for 24 hours.
  • Lastly, put it on the following morning after doing Puja and singing any Shiv Mantra.
  • Because it might be difficult to get cow milk and cow ghee, and many people do not think they are worth buying, you can substitute oil in their place.
  • Additionally, utilise the other metallic bowls for soaking the mala instead of utilising metal bowls made of glass or plastic. Before applying the rudraksha mala, softly pressing it to the forehead is another crucial step.

Steps to take while wearing Rudraksha

Rudraksha is the only option available to people who desire transformation in their lives, wish to get rid of the things that are challenging for them to do, or want to live a life of piety. One of the most potent healing things is the Rudraksha, which sprang from Lord Shiva’s tears. People who want to make the world a better place will undoubtedly succeed after wearing the Rudraksha. Diamonds, yantras, tantras, mantras, and Rudraksha are exceedingly potent. Rudraksha wearers and worshipers typically experience many blessings, including wealth, tranquillity, and health. To get the full advantages and protections of the Rudraksha, one must take all necessary precautions before donning it.

  • When wearing a Rudraksha in the morning, one should recite the Rudraksha and the origin mantra nine times. Once removed, the Rudraksha store it at your place of worship.
  • It is most effective when worn in the morning. Thus, wear it after taking a bath. Recite the mantra each time you wear it. Additionally, worship and present it with an incense stick and a ghee light (Diya).
  • Keep your Rudraksha tidy at all times. Within the bead’s pores, dust and grime may collect. As regularly as you can, clean these. Replace the thread if it becomes soiled or damaged. Wash it with blessed, pure, holy water or milk after cleansing. It keeps its integrity intact.
  • Oil the bead after routine cleaning, then present them with incense. It has the ultimate significance. Particularly when you are not using it for a while, you can store it in a clear and pure place for a long.
  • The appearance and size confound many people. It’s nothing to worry about. Also ensure that the Mukhi you buy is well-defined, natural, and free of fractures.
  • It is a fiery gemstone. Thus, not everybody can wear it. It is because, if they do so, the skin may exhibit allergic symptoms. Therefore, it is best to avoid using them. Keep the beads in the puja room and give them daily Namaskars.
  • The mala we wear around our necks is 108 or 54 beads. As little as 27 beads might make up a Japa mala. Because every mala has a particular purpose, you should not use neck malas and Japa malas interchangeably.
  • Take that mala to the shrine of Lord Shiva and perform Rudra Abhishek before donning the Rudraksha. Wear the mala just after that. While wearing it, one should recite the Shiva mantra at least three times.
  • Keep it in gold because of how extraordinarily heavenly and pure it is in nature. You can also use silver, bright crimson, or black thread as well.
  • Additionally, remove the beads while bathing since too much soap dries out the natural oil. Wear it with belief, respect, and love. Anyone can wear rudraksha divine beads, regardless of age, sex, caste, religion, culture, or location.
  • Rudraksha is extremely valuable since it is a heavenly gift. There are several methods for energising Rudraksha beads and achieving the greatest results. As Monday is for Lord Shiva, it would be a wonderful and most auspicious day to wear the Rudraksha. However, wear it on any day with the correct rituals and worship.

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Every single Rudraksha bead features every Devi and Deva. Shiva, Parvati, Lakshmi, Durga, Ganapati, Hanuman, Maa Kali, Vishnu, 10 Mahavidyas, and Matrikas, among others, characterise rudraksha beads. All ladies can wear Rudraksha since these beads represent the goddesses. Moreover, God Shiva does not make distinctions based on gender, caste, religion, geography, race, or human ancestry. Plus, there are several spiritual benefits for Rudraksha for women, and there is no doubt as to what the authentic Shastras stand for while wearing this Rudraksha Mala.

Women, men, and children of all castes and cultures are welcome to do so. Therefore, this Rudraksha is useful for everyone who may wear it. It does not discriminate based on gender, nationality, age, or caste. Both men and women can benefit from using rudraksha beads to cure them since they balance their head chakras.

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