27 nakshatra trees and their benefits

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Vedic astrology is a unique way to predict things around us. Like planets and zodiac signs, Nakshatras are of immense importance in the same. The Janma Nakshatra or Nakshatra for childbirth aids immensely to predict the future of the person. According to astrology, there are 27 nakshatras, and each nakshatra speaks a lot about the natives and their life. In the same manner, there are plants or trees, which represent these nakshatras. Thus, here we have listed the 27 nakshatra trees that on the plantation help the natives attract favorability and positivity.

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Constellation or nakshatra is the placement of the planet Moon in the sky when a person enters the world. From Ashwini to Revati, there are 27 constellations, and as per astrology, the Moon stays in each nakshatra for roughly around one day. As much as other details illustrated by nakshatras are important, the trees they represent hold immense importance as well. According to Vedic astrology, natives can get rid of troubles and problems, especially health-related ones, by planting a tree of the Nakshatra they were born in. Moreover, worshiping them shall provide natives with high merit and divine knowledge. Let us know the 27 nakshatras trees and their benefits, as per Vedic astrology.

Ashwini nakshatra

The tree associated with this nakshatra is Kuchala or strychnine. Folks, who possess the Ashwini nakshatra, must water the Kuchala tree regularly and take 11 rounds around it. It would fulfill all the wishes and remove the issues and impediments from the life of the natives.

Bharani nakshatra

From 27 Nakshatra trees, Awala or Indian gooseberry is for Bharani nakshatra. People who have this nakshatra as their birth star must put Kumkum on this tree regularly. Moreover, people should also offer unbroken Akshat and chant hymns upon Ishta Deva, sitting under this tree. It would attract prosperity in the life of these natives.

Krittika nakshatra

Among the nakshatra trees, this star people must plant Gulhar or cluster fig. It would help them possess optimistic thoughts. For the same, natives must take 7 rounds around the tree each Friday. Also, they should offer rice grains to Gulhar to have its benefits.

Rohini nakshatra

The most auspicious tree for this nakshatra people would be the Jamun tree. If the natives plant Jamun and offer water to it, it would make them victorious in their lives. Moreover, taking rounds around this tree and offering sugar will also aid in the benefits for people with Rohini nakshatra.

Mrigshira nakshatra

From the nakshatra trees, the one that is for Mrigshira nakshatra is Kattha or Milmesha. When people offer and water this plant, they attract good times in their life. Moreover, worshiping the Kattha tree on Wednesdays shall aid in the auspiciousness of the native. However, people must not have this tree in their house as it would welcome negative energies.

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Adra nakshatra

From the list of trees for nakshatra, the one for Adra Nakshatra is Krishna Kamal. Natives with the Adra nakshatra must perform circumambulation. Also, they must offer Dubra grass. Performing all these activities shall help the natives in the fulfillment of their wishes and aspirations.

Punarvasu nakshatra

The tree for this constellation is Babool. Astrologers believe that if natives consume few leaves of this tree, they shall effortlessly welcome good fortune. Moreover, keeping its twig with itself would also be helpful.

Pushya nakshatra

From the nakshatra trees, people with Pushya as their birth nakshatra must plant Peepal or sacred figs. As much as it is a divine tree, as per Hindu mythology, it attracts well-being and luck to the natives. One must offer water along with little sugar to the Peepal tree except for Saturdays. It would get good times for the people.

Ashlesha nakshatra

From nakshatra trees, Champa is the one for Ashlesha nakshatra. These people must take care of the ones they plant. It is advisable that people must meditate under it and touch its feet every day. Moreover, keeping its fruit in a money locker shall attract wealth and money.

Magha nakshatra

The tree that is auspicious for this constellation is Bargad or banyan tree. People with this constellation must keep the roots of this tree with themselves and stay away from it during nighttime. It would attract prosperity and good times to the person with the Magha constellation.

Purba phalguni nakshatra

Ashoka tree is the one for this star people. Therefore, natives born under this constellation must pluck seven leaves on Monday from this tree and keep them in their locker. It shall attract wealth and abundance to these people.

Uttara phalguni nakshatra

Among the nakshatras trees, Khejdi is the one for Uttara phalguni people. To seek its blessings, natives must offer sesame seeds with fruits on the roots to enjoy the benefits of this tree. It shall help them become victorious in life and give them the strength to face any hurdles with strength. 

Hasta nakshatra

From the trees for each constellation, Jasmine or Juhi is the most favorable one for Hasta nakshatra. It is one of the most divine trees, and offering water to this plant brings peace and prosperity to the life of the natives. Moreover, to attract good times, natives can keep nine leaves of this tree and keep them in their house.

Chitra and Moola nakshatra

The most auspicious nakshatra trees for them would be Bel. People must perform circumambulation around it and offer prayers and water to it. It shall bring auspiciousness to the natives and keep them away from negativities and hardships. 

Swati nakshatra

The Arjun tree is the ideal tree for the Swati constellation. Natives with this star born must offer prayers to it each day. Keeping a small bark of Arjun keeps hardships away from the life of the natives. Also, it aids in the well-being of the person. 

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Vishakha and Anuradha nakshatra

For these people, the nakshatra trees are the Ironwood or Naagkeshkar. Offering milk to this tree would be helpful to the people. Plus, if the natives plant one in their house, they would automatically attract prosperity in their lives and house. 

Jyeshtha nakshatra

From the nakshatra trees, the ones made for this constellation is the Neem tree. Not only does it have medicinal value, but touching the feet of this tree brings peace and calmness to the individuals. Also, consuming the tendril of the tree shall bring good times to the people. 

Purvashada and Shravan nakshatra

For this nakshatra, the Ashoka tree is the one. It would attract healthy times to the natives. Also, worshiping this tree and offering turmeric along with water would provide this constellation people with happy times and good luck.

Uttara Ashadha nakshatra

For people who have this star as their birth constellation, Kathal or Jackfruit would be the favorable nakshatra trees. Performing parikrama around the tree and meditating under it to Ishta Deva would be helpful and auspicious to the people in terms of peace of mind. 

Dhanishta nakshatra

The coconut tree from the list of nakshatra trees is helpful for folks who possess this constellation as their birth chart. People must nurture it and take care of it as much as possible. Doing so brings good times in the life of the natives and never lets them go through loneliness or anxiety issues.

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Shatabhisha nakshatra

For the people with Shatabhisha nakshatra, the tree that would add to their favorable times is Kadambu. Having its bark shall act as highly auspicious for these people. Moreover, it would keep the natives away from issues, troubles, and hurdles in life.

Uttara Bhadrapada nakshatra

Natives who belong to this constellation must have Neem plant in their houses. Possessing its leaves in the study room shall aid in the devotion and dedication of the people. Also, involving it in the bathing water would help remove the negative aura from the lives of the people. 

Purva Bhadrapada nakshatra

From the Nakshatra trees, the Mango tree is for this birth constellation. People must pray and worship the Mango tree and nurture it like a family member. Doing so shall aid in extraordinary benefits for the natives with Purva Bhadrapada nakshatra. Also, daily offering water with Akshat and Kumkum shall help people attain mental peace.

Revati nakshatra

For people with the Revati nakshatra, the tree is Mahua. To seek the blessing, natives must offer sweet imarti on Purnima to this tree. However, natives must not plant Mahua in their house as it may attract back luck and negative energies in their lives.

Note: If natives cannot plant these trees in their house, they can place a picture of the same in their house.

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