Nakshatra Dosha- Everything You Should Know About

Nakshatra Dosha- Everything You Should Know About

Some of the nakshatras have dosha if a person born in that nakshatra who can cause bad results; will severely harm the native himself and others. Some natives born under the nakshatra dosha always get allegations that they have caused danger to the entire family. Additionally, some nakshatra borns give troubles to their father, siblings, mother, etc.

It is not always true because all these doshas need to be considered based on Nakshatra pada and not entire nakshatra.  

Pada dosha

The total degree of one nakshatra is 13: 20 degrees. If we divide it with four, you will get 3.40 degree, each one section is known as nakshatra padas (nakshatra pada in South Indian and Nakshatra Charan in the northern part of India):

All four charan of  Purvashaada, Hasta &  Pushaya have severe dosha.


The first charan of Purvashaada causes danger to Mother, the 2nd charan causes danger to the father, third charan to the maternal uncle. If a native is born in 4th charan, the native will have a premature death.


A native born int the first charan of Hastha nakshatra will give problems to their father, 2nd charan to maternal uncle, the third charan to themselves, and 4th charan to the mother.


The first charan of Pushaya nakshatra can cause severe problems to themselves; 2nd charan to mother; third charan to father and 4th charan to maternal uncle.

If we divide specific charan again into 4 and the native taken birth in that particular range of degrees, the result will be premature death of the concerned.

Drastic Nakshatra Pada

Apart from the above, some of the other nakshatra padas can cause severe malefic effects including the death to mother and father. For example, a boy born in the first charan of Uthara Phalguni, 3rd charan of Ashlesha, 4th charan of Chitra, 3rd charan of Revathy, and 2nd 3rd charan of Krithika nakshatra can cause severe malefic effects to father and if the newborn is a girl then the mother will have to go through difficulties.

Moola dosha

If the native is born in 1st charan, the death of their father will happen immediately; however, the native will be wealthy and reach great heights in life.

Moola nakshatra first charan can cause death to the father, 2nd charan to the mother and the third charan will destroy ancestral properties.  However, 4th charan of moola nakshatra born will enjoy all happiness and will lead a successful life.

Ashlesha Nakshatra

A person born in 4th charan will cause severe dosha to father, 3rd charan to Mother. Whereas birth In 2nd charan will cause loss of wealth. However, there will be no malefic effect on a person born in the first charan of Ashlesha nakshatra.

Jyestha Nakshatra

Birth in the first charan of Jyestha nakshatra is good for native, 2nd charan will give bad effects to a younger sibling and 3rd charan to the father as well. However, birth in 4th charan will give malefic effects to the native himself.

Premature death of the father:

Pushya nakshatra and cancer ascendant, Hastha nakshatra and Virgo ascendant and Purva Ashada nakshatra and Sagittarius ascendant will cause the premature death of father if the moon is also placed in ascendant

Gandanta dosha

A person born in the last charan of Revathy & first charan of Ashwani,  last charan of Ashlesha & first charan of Jyestha and last charan of  Magha & first charan of Moola nakshatra comes under Gandanta dosha.

A native born in the Gandanta period possibly die in childhood itself.

Timing of Dosha

Jyestha born will face malefic effect within 15 days, Uttara Ashada within 2 to 3 months and Chitra within 6 months, Ashlesha within 3 to 9 months, Purva Ashada within 8 months, Pushya within 3 months, Magha and moola from birth time to eight years and Hastha within 12 years from birth.

However, nakshatra dosha’s are predominantly severe in nature, if other planetary combinations and permutation in native’s horoscope offer full longevity (Purnayu) result will differ. Hence while giving prediction needs to consider all other parameters as well.

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