Nakshatra and their types

nakshatra in vedic astrology

Many small star clusters appear in the sky in the form of horse, swan, snake, deer, elephant, they are called Nakshatra. Further, these Nakshatras reveal the distance traveled by the Moon in the earth’s path.

A nakshatra is 13 degrees 20′. As a matter of fact, each nakshatra is of four phases, so the distance of one phase of the nakshatra is 13 degrees 20′, art / 4 = 3 degrees 20′. In addition, every zodiac is of two and a half nakshatra means 9 phases. Moon crosses one zodiac in 2.25 days i.e. 30 degrees.

In twenty-seven days, the moon crosses all 12 zodiac signs and 27 Nakshatras. There are a total of 27 nakshatras. But Astrologers believe they are 28 in numbers. The last 15 hours of the Uttara-Ashadha constellation and the first 4 hours of the Shravan constellation is good for all auspicious work.

Furthermore, on the basis of nature, the constellations are divided into seven categories and due to their nature, which works is auspicious for them? Let’s discuss-

1. Fixed

In Astrology, Four fixed constellations are Rohini, Uttar-Falguni, Uttara-Asahda, Uttara-Bhadrapada (4,12,21,26). These are extremely auspicious for building construction, agricultural work, planetary entry, job joining, and thread ceremony, etc.

2. Playful

The Five playful constellations are Punarvush, Swati, Shravan, Dhanistha, Shatbhisha (7,14,22,23,24). These are of playful nature and, also, are auspicious for Driving or buying a motorcar, horse riding, traveling, etc.

3. Cruel

Five cruel constellations are Bharni, Magha, Poorva-Falguni, Poorva-Bhadrapada (2,10,11,20,25). Auspicious to do surgery, furnace, trade-in arms, do research work, do research, fight, fire burn, etc.

4. Mixed

Two mixed constellations are Kritika and Vishakha (3,16). These are of a balanced nature. Auspicious to do electric work, medicine making, iron furnace, gas furnace, a steam engine, etc.

5. Miniature

Three Minature constellations are Ashwini, Pushya, and Hasta. In addition, these are auspicious for Drama, gimmick, appearance, singing, shop, education, writing, publishing, jewelry.

6. Friendly

Four Friendly constellations are Mrigshira, Chitra, Anuradha and Revati (5,14,17,27). Auspicious for making clothes, sewing work, sports, jewelry making, service work, business, Satsang, etc.

7. Penetrating

Four Penetrating constellations are Aadra, Aashlesha, Jyestha, and Mool (6,9,18,19). These are of sad nature. Auspicious works are fighting, quarreling, doing any harmful work, black magic, etc.

The constellations are divided into three categories based on their favorable results.

1. Lucky

1,4,7,12,13,14,17,21,22,23,24,26,27 totally 13 constellations are lucky constellations.

2. Balanced

5,7,10,16 A totally 4 constellations are of balanced results.

3. Unlucky

2,3,6,9,11,14,17,19,20,24 totally 10 constellations are unlucky.

The constellations are divided into four parts on the basis of receipt or recovery of stolen goods.

1. Blind Eye

4,7,12,16,23,27 are seven blind eye constellations. In these constellations, the lost or stolen item goes or moves in the east direction and is found quickly.

2. Slow Eye

1,5,9,13,17,21,24 are seven slow eye constellations. The lost item or the stolen item goes in the west direction and is found after trying.

3. Middle Eye

2,6,10,14,18,25 are six middle eye constellations. In these constellations, the stolen or the lost item goes in the south direction and is not found even after getting information.

4. Good Eye

3,8,11,15,19,22,26 are seven good eye constellation. In these constellations, the stolen or lost object goes northwards. Neither information of the object going north is received nor that item is returned.

Nature Of child born in different Nakshatra

1. Ashwani Nakshatra

Rich, Cheerful, Beautiful, intelligent, Nice dressing sense, Fond of wearing jewelry, Stocky body, Socially Popular, Clever in everything, Philanthropist, celebrity. Fortune rise after 20 years, a prosperous, auspicious, humble clear, orator, unstable character. Be unfaithful for self-interest. Sun as an enemy planet, Trouble between Mars and Jupiter, Fear of theft.

2. Bharni Nakshatra

Truthful, Good health, Ill reduction. Career choice is good, hopeful in happy women, unstable attitude, unstable thoughts, desire to go abroad, enemy victorious. Fortune rise after 25 years. Possibility of limb break-in accidents, Less speaking, cruel wrath. Moon – Rahu – Saturn in an enemy state.

3. Kritika Nakshatra

Poor character, Inferior, Miser, ungrateful, distraught with friends and relatives. Complete the work in which you put your hands. Fond of good food etc. Proficient in increasing friendship with women. Proficient in a particular subject. Voluntary worker, Intelligent, Scrooge, famous, stunning, optimistic, external personality brilliant, scholarly gorgeous to look at, Clever, interested in litigation.

Fortune rise after 29 years, fear of hostile, theft in the condition of the cruel planet and the presence of Mars, Guru, Mercury.

4. Rohini Nakshatra

Beautiful, Attractive, Captivating personality, Truthful and sweet-speaking dedicated for work, Artist, should perform work with wisdom and firm commitment. Night born, a liar. Hard-hearted, lust can do anything to fulfill more lust. Fraternal wealth and intense memory power, big eyes, lazy.

Fortune rise after 30 years of age. Fear of stealing. In the case of cruel planets, suffering in the difference of Rahu, Saturn, and Ketu.

5. Mrigshira Nakshatra

Always in touch with women, Sensual, Crafty worker, reserved who went at a rapid pace. Interested in fighting activities, happy in disrespect of loved ones, timid scholars, interested in prudent travel, rich children and friends. Despite being a scholar, the amount of playful instinct, pride was special.

Fortune rise after 24 years. The condition of the cruel house is in the difference between Jupiter – Mercury, Venus.

6. Aadra Nakshatra

Humble nature, Strong heart, not worried in case of facing any problem. Expense all the earnings. Be deprived of the pleasure of wealth. Be interested in good works. Distracted mind with brains, low-educated hypocrites with forceful petty ideas and vain performers in religious works. They are usually fitter, overseer, foreman, engineer, etc.

Fortune’s rise happens after 25 years. Saturn as a cruel planet. The enemy in the difference between Son and Ketu – Fear of suffering theft.

7. Punarvashu Nakshatra

Intellectual, Soft nature, Blessed with child, friend goal, interest in white things, travel a lot. Poetry loving parents. Happy life, get fame in your work, Despite being benevolent, does not let selfishness decrease, feels thirsty. Arrogant rogue, evil-wicked, gives grief and pain to a foolish family.

Fortune rise, after 24 years. Mercury in a phase of a cruel planet. Fear of enemy suffering theft in the difference of Venus – Moon.

8. Pushya Nakshatra

Intelligent, Gentle, Clever, Faith in the religion. Sensual, should try to improve the work of others, eat whatever they get. Quick to understand, work efficient, handsome, meritorious, truthful, family lover, big-hearted, God devotee, Public speaker, skillful, guest lover. Maybe poet, writer, journalist lawyer. The administrative officer who is skilled in administrative work, equipped with a vehicle.

Fortune rise after 35 years. Reputation in society. Ketu in the phase of the cruel planet, fear of stealing enemy suffering in a difference between Sun and Mars.

9. Ashlesha Nakshatra

Mimic the noble deeds, the family should be big and serve the saints. Do not bring anyone in your strut forsake. Always think of self-benefit, do not care about evil, have more interest in alcoholism, etc. Liars, ungrateful, lustful, very angry, unkind, unscrupulous, good in the drug trade, ready to do the cheapest work for the fulfillment of superlative lust. One is going to cross the peak of distrust.

Fortune’s rise occurs after 30 years. Venus in the phase of a cruel planet. Fear of stealing enemy suffering in a difference between Moon and Rahu.

10. Magha Nakshatra

Clever behavior, serving parents, love rich wife, profiteering in business, planner, unstable mindset, but extremely courageous. Health is weak, arrogant, but hardworking will do anything for its ego. Spend time in debates and remain hopeful in women. Have the ability to get to the root of anything.

Fortune rise to happen after 25 years. Sun in the phase of a cruel planet. Fear of stealing, enemy suffering in a difference between Mars and Jupiter.

11. Poorva Falguni Nakshatra

Anyone born in this Nakshatra is victorious, intelligent, skillful, soft-spoken, happy, want to be rich on its own. Attractive, devotion for women, related to any government work and get state honors. Fond of cloth and luxurious vehicle, dance-music lover. Good in making people laugh. A person is more friendly and has a strong temperament who leads a predominant life.

Fortune’s rise will be between 28 – 32 years. Moon in the phase of a cruel planet. Fear of stealing, enemy suffering in a difference between Rahu and Saturn.

12. Uttar Falguni Nakshatra

Rich in wealth, a lover of luxuries and wrestling, sharp-minded and speak soft and truth, will become rich by their own hard work. Conflicts with wife and in the household.

Fortune rise in the age of 30-32. Mars in the position of the cruel planet. Fear of stealing, enemy suffering in a difference between Jupiter and Mercury.

13. Hasta Nakshatra

You can become a leader in your caste community. Fighting opponents, quarreling, lying and cheating habits, staying away from fraternal brothers, low-profile, angry drunkards, wives being sick, and children falling into bad habits. Being unhappy, lucky, honored, happy, being unkind. Maintaining an atmosphere of lifelong strife, being cruel by nature. Committing robbery and violence etc.

Fortune rise in the age of 30-32 years. Fear of enemy suffering and theft under the influence of Saturn and Ketu. Rahu in a phase of cruel planet.

14. Chitra Nakshatra

An intelligent, courageous, rich person who is born in Chitra Nakshatra is blessed with a beautiful body. Will get the happiness of a beautiful woman and child. One who believes in religion and knows Ayurveda. Interested in building and construction work. A cosmetics lover, knowledgeable in painting and acting, will be a trader of valuable goods and an influential personality, singing math and drugs and writing will earn money.

Fortune’s rise will be between 33 to 34 years of age. Fear of enemy suffering and theft under the influence of Venus and Mercury. Jupiter in a phase of a cruel planet.

15. Swati Nakshatra

Wise, soft nature, will be friendly, intelligent and skillful in business. Achieve desired profit through efficient business and intellectual pursuits. Education can be left incomplete. Financially rich and prosperous. Will receive full respect in their society. Perform better in technical and engineering work, philanthropy.

Fortune’s rise will happen in 30 to 36 years. Fear of enemy suffering and theft under the influence of Sun and Ketu. Saturn in a phase of a cruel planet.

16. Vishakha Nakshatra

One who is born in this nakshatra, are beautiful, rich but interested in bad works and quarrelsome. Angry, egoist, drunken, gambler, means wish to get sudden money. Victorious over enemies.

Fortune’s rise will be in 21–24 years. Fortune rise in the age of 28-34 years. Fear of enemy suffering and theft under the influence of Venus and Moon. Mercury in the position of a cruel planet.

17. Anuradha Nakshatra

A wealthy man with the powerful and gross body, will get respect, get more skillful in the arts and business. Unstoppable attitude, Courageous, Friendly, Celebrity, Self-styled. A food lover, religious scholar, solitary, a dear donor will be tolerant of a beautiful personality. The trickster will be the ruler in the hearts of soft-spoken, government jobs for self-fulfillment.

Fear of enemy suffering and theft under the influence of Sun and Mars. Ketu in the position of a cruel planet.

18. Jyeshta Nakshatra

A clever, multifaceted, being fond of a strange woman who follows the fanatic religion, fond of soft nature, art. Acquiring knowledge of the entire genre, one who has a good personality, a good child. A poet-writer, a journalist, a literary writer, a master, inspector, a lawyer, a chartered accountant, etc., who can achieve the incomplete happiness of household life.

27th, 31st and 48th years of life will be bad for health. Fear of enemy suffering and theft under the influence of Moon and Rahu. Venus in the position of a cruel planet.

19. Mool Nakshatra

Big-hearted, Grievous, Wealthy, get respect in society, weak health, often ill-spoken, eloquent, clever, ungrateful, treacherous, selfish, eloquent, popular, violent and has frequent accidents in his life.

Fortune rise occurs in the age of 27th to 31st year. Fear of enemy suffering and theft under the influence of Mars and Jupiter. Sun in the position of a cruel planet.

20. Poorva Nakshatra

Friend of the wise and benefactor, happy in all things, generous, self-respect, enmity, have best friends, face no barrier in work in case of money shortage, fortunate, work-skilled, professional, complete satisfaction from the wife.

Fortune rise happens in the age of 28th year. Fear of enemy suffering and theft under the influence of Rahu and Saturn. Moon in the position of a cruel planet.

21. Uttara Nakshatra

Philanthropist, Respectful, Smart, Clever, Brave, Music lover, Humble, calm-tempered, religiously happy, well-loved, scholar, intelligent, hardworking, rich, gambler, etc. Have unintended wealth in life. Fortune rise will be in the age of 31st year.

Fear of enemy suffering and theft under the influence of Jupiter and Mercury. Mars in the position of a cruel planet.

22. Shravan Nakshatra

Rich, Very talkative, Serious, Intelligent, Adventurer, famous nobleman and will be blessed with a beautiful life. Should be engaged in Mathematics and astrology. The life cycle from age of 19 to 24th year may not be good. A wise scholar can become a high minded religious personality, high official and a cinema lover interested in poetic music.

Fear of enemy suffering and theft under the influence of Saturn and Ketu. Rahu in the position of a cruel planet.

23. Dhanishta Nakshatra

Those born under Dhanishta Nakshatra are the ones with tremendous interest in the raga genre. They embrace a great bonding with siblings and have a wealthy, noble, and blessed with a partner’s love. Also, they are often related to government work and are fond of wearing jewels.

As a matter of fact, the 15th, 19th, 23rd, years are not considered auspicious for them. These people indulge in religious work, hold respect for a rich and generous image in society. However, their lust-ridden sexist part can be paranoid. These people are usually suppressed from the wife’s side due to their greedy attitude. In such people, the fear of enemy suffering and theft arises under the influence of Mercury and Venus. In addition, they have Jupiter in the position of a cruel planet.

24. Shatabhisha Nakshatra

Natives of Shatabhisha Nakshatra are rich, intelligent, donor, victorious enemy, and a winner that gets the respect of even the greatest enemies. They are the kind of people who are respected by the government, however, they are easily attracted to women.

They can easily be transformed into a gambler, addictive, bookie. Also, they are adventurous yet calm in nature, hard-bitten astrology lover that always wants to grab the wealth. They suffer the fear of enemies and threats under the influence of Ketu and Sun. Saturn in the position of a cruel planet.

25. Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra

Those born under Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra live a wealthy and rich life. Also, they’re beautiful, talkative. However, they may have multiple marriages. Further, they are blessed with the happiness of children. However, they get angry in small discomforts and heat the argument for no big reasons.

Talking about fortune & wealth, they experience a rise that occurs in 19 to 21 years of life. Despite being a proficient man, they’re sly and timid rich in work. Nonetheless, they embrace low endurance and sexual mentality. Furthermore, fear of enemy suffering and theft under the influence of Sun and Mars. Also, they have Mercury in the position of a cruel planet in Horoscope.

26. Uttara Bhadrapad Nakshatra

Natives that are born under this Nakshatra is generally beautiful, courageous, intelligent, fair in color, and speechlessly charming. Also, their soul is rich. Generous, they are philanthropists, happy, wealthy and child-friendly. Moreover, such people are usually scholars, scripture, writer, journalist, musician. In addition, the women under this constellation make successful householders with a soft-spoken wife.

Fortune’s rise is possible between the age of 27 to 31 years. Fear of enemy suffering and theft under the influence of Sun and Mars. Ketu in the position of a cruel planet.

27. Rewti Nakshatra

Wise, a sage who serves the parents, has a sharp voice and is happy with friends. The body is healthy, the body is courageous, handsome, clever, intelligent, intelligent in giving advice, good businessman, poet-writer, journalist, essayist, novelist, etc. In addition, a person with a temperament, a genius with a virtuous all-round, has a beautiful wife, a character who is skilled in the household, is sweet-spoken.

Also, fear of enemy suffering and theft under the influence of Moon and Rahu. Venus in the position of a cruel planet.

28. Abhijeet Nakshatra

One born in Abhijeet Nakshatra is a beautiful, intelligent, undefeated, determined, fortunate, wealthy, all-encompassing, hard-working person. Also, the above constellation is rarely used, thus, people rarely describe it.

Further, what’s your views in the contest to Nakshatra in Vedic Astrology. Comment Below.

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