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I am Astrologer AnandA. I am a resident of Bhopal. I have been working in astrology for the past many years. Experts of many methods like Two Planet method, are constantly trying to innovate astrology by constantly doing new research in the field of astrology, by extracting the original potential power of the planets and giving fruits based on their capabilities and giving predictions Apart from working fully on Transit because by Destiny by current position by condition by DBS it is amazing to work by connecting all the things together at one position at a time. In Transit there is a lot of advance work done on the Unity of planets and DNA. There is also a lot of research on the theory, apart from hearing the voice on your phone through words, we tell the whole future by assessing the future even with the mobile number and which planet in the whole horoscope is how much Ra is strong or weak or his own strength keeps on decreasing and increasing from time to time whether it is through DBS or through transit. Every planet has its own quality and when will it get pleasure under high quality And when he is able and able to give his fruit or not, this is how we calculate astrology by analyzing many things. Now the theory of triangles is different and all Lord is serial. The principle of even and odd is different. Like we can give a new direction to society by analyzing our astrology on the basis of very fine micro calculations.

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