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I, Bharathh have been studying and practicing Jyotish from my heart filled with love and appreciation for the subject. I entered into this divine subject with the blessings of my guru Pandit Vivek Pandey from Satna district Madhya Pradesh who encouraged me to practice astrology seriously. I learned from my interaction with many yogis that astrology is both spiritual and scientific, if practiced with pure intention then we can guide and encourage anyone to show the path of light to move in a positive direction and also face the challenges that may lie ahead of them. I have read the books of Sir K.N. Rao whom I consider the real “Jyotish guru” on “Hindu astrology” and also his famous book “Yogis, destiny, and wheel of time.” His books taught me to cast the reading of any chart first manually and analyze the different combinations to predict the events systematically and finally confirm everything using computer software. I also had the pleasure of reading books of Sir B.V. Raman on different planetary combinations that create different yogas. I am also learning Nadi techniques to predict future events accurately and satisfy the clients and give them simple remedies that they can follow in life. I have read hundreds of charts and predicted accurate events using Mahadasha, Ashtagavarga chart, Nakshatra reading, vargottama planets, D-1, Navamsa chart, and Shastiamsa chart reading. I believe in divine and spiritual power and used my psychic abilities to track the energies of my clients and guide them in their current and future life. When you schedule a reading with me you will receive detailed and highly accurate reading that covers various aspects of life such as love, marriage and relationships, career and business, foreign travel and jobs, human conflicts, remedies for health issues, and any other you feel the most guidance.

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