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The happiness one gets when without any negativity one can see the options in life and explore them through tarot is amazing! I have friends whose growth I trace and the life path, soul contracts when understood can align us with the divine purpose. Our spiritual journey when goes hand in hand with our earth journey then success and happiness are guaranteed..this is the gift of Tarot to humankind. I am able to help people decide about career, love, marriage, and family issues. As a life coach and with experience of more than 15 years as a soft skills trainer, behavioral training is my strong point. Tarot has helped me understand the future obstacles that make our problems linger. I love to help my clients by forming a connection with them. I understand and forge a bond where I am able to see their path and enable them to walk on it. As an empath I am able to feel the person’s issue at hand, then through tarot see the hurdles in the path to success, and use my soft skill training background to help clear the obstacles. I firmly believe in meditation and use it to daily re-energize myself.

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