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Prediction by- Expert Astrologer Manchanda Karan and Expert Tarot Card Reader Preeti Sanjay
Horoscope For GEMINI
[ DOB - May 21 – June 20 ]


In 2020 you will spend a good time with your friends and colleagues. Apart from this,some celebrations will also be organized by family, relatives, young family members and society.


You will find a healthy job in the early months of 2020, and you will make some wise decisions to forget past memories, sorrow and failed relationships and try to obtain positive energies.

Just focus on what you want to achieve and believe in your Luck.


This year, take special care of your health, visit your doctor on time, if you become careless about your health, you may face difficulties.


In terms of money and investment transactions, you will surely take some risks and earn profit by taking a interest in foreign investments.

Business / Workplace

Geminis are not about boundaries and limits. Therefore if you have any workplace/business limits, then try to crack those barriers and explore more. You're going to make arrangements with some moisture companies as well. Be sure to consult an experienced person before job change.

Family & Love

In family and personal life, you let go some people who do not understand you and who have become a burden to you.

Our Advice

Whatever happened is past. Unleash the past and forget those who have left you in your hard times. You will never be able to move into the future if you hang on to the past.