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Mr. Viral is a famous Vedic astrologer, practicing in India. He has also expertise in Pranic healing and Gemology. Since his childhood, he was very much interested and attracted to Astrology. Initially, he was doing self-study with the help of books. Later on, Astrology became his passion and he decided to become a professional certified Astrologer. He loves to help his clients by suggesting them the best according to clients' horoscope and providing them quick and easy to do remedy. He's also a very good counselor and motivates his clients to live their life to the fullest. Apart from all these, he trains people who are interested in learning astrology, meditation, different types of healings. His expertise is in horoscope match-making. Other than this you may consult with him regarding marriage-related issues, love and relationship issues, carrier and business issues education, any long-term medical issues mental health, etc. He always tries his best to help the people with whatever he can.

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