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I did my first level called Basic course of pranic healing, founder Grand Master Chok Kok Sui, and tapped into the world of Spiritualism. Then after I did my advanced course and so on. I started doing Twin Heart meditation daily, which is also rewarded the best meditation in the world. I learned Oracle cards long back, started practicing them, and came up with more positive results in it. I started doing Oracle Card reading professionally then. Not only this I found my interest in Vastu and started learning about it as well. Now I do Pranic Vastu Healing. I have read few interesting books Like Secret, subconscious mind, healing water. When I started reading about Buddha I learned many more techniques about meditation like "Anapanasati" meditation (get aline with your own breath). Now I do meditation for at least 2 hours and enjoying it very much. My motive is to help people in their daily life and to bring spiritualism into everyone's life which will not only help them in Health, financial issues, or relations but I'll help them to get rid of their past life karmas and to face life with ease and comfort. I also know Crystals and how to use them for rising vibrations and other techniques to remove negative energies from Aura & Chakras and physically from home and office.

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