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Aadesh is a vedic astrologer having more than 25 years of experience. He did his graduation from Delhi university. He had a keen interest in astrology and so he started learning vedic astrology from various deserving Acharyas of astrology. In his opinion, astrology is a divine knowledge that not only provides a perfect solution to the problems of life but also gives an outlook of acceptance to the will of god. His fields of specialisation include love and relationships , marriage, career, business, financial affairs, and providing his clients with general predictions as well . He not only follows the traditional astrology but also believes in innovations best suited in present context. A number of people from different parts of world has been benefitted from his in depth knowledge of astrology. Till date, he has received several awards and appraisals in the field of astrology for his valuable contribution. He is known as one of the best online astrologers in india.



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