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Aanil is a Award winning and Very good astrologer with accurate predictions. He has won many National as well as International awards in Vedic astrology & Numerology. He has long list of celebrity clients. He has specialization in Love, Relationship, Marriage, Business, Gemology, Child birth, Numerology, Foreign settlement, Career, Finance, Black Magic, Evil Eye Problems, Health problems, Name correction and much more. He has seen more than 2 Lakh+ horoscopes in his life and much more to go. Many clients have benefited from him after name correction consultation. Many of them are in Bollywood. You must believe that our life is a road map of stars, an expert astrologer can help you to understand each and everything about your life. He has gained the enough knowledge of vedic astrology through Vedas, Upadishads, Parashara Hora Shastra, Briht Jatakam, Sarvarth Chintamani, Jatak Parijata, Uttara Kalamrita, Prasna Marg, Ashtak Varga Nibandh, Ravana Samhita, Maansagri and many religious books. He has also mentored thousands of students for IIT-JEE, AIIMS, IIMs, MIT, Stanford, Harvard, Cambridge etc. He is a specialist of Numerology, Vedic Astrology, Medical Astrology, Gemology, Nadi Astrology. BIrth time rectification. and also an expert of Vastu Shastra. Over the years, Mr Anil Verma has worked and earned the respect of many big politicians including many ministers, top business personals, and many Bollywood celebrities. Moreover, he is known for his accurate reading of the horoscope, birth chart and provides remedies for different situations accordingly. Working from the last 22 years, he has been giving deep insight into birth charts, Kundali and provides the best remedy for removing faults (dosh) that are creating hurdles in your way. Furthermore, he has a long list of high profile customers including many Business Tycoons, Film stars and Top politicians of India. Apart from this, many people consult him for personal matters like Financial Growth, Career, Health, New Born Babies, Company Brand Name Logo, Films, TV Serials, etc. He gives very simple effective remedies which has worked for so many clients.

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