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AjayK is a renowned astrologer from New Delhi. Ajay is an Engineer having more than 20 years of work experience in different MNC. Having a passion for Vedic Science he always pursued the path of self-discovery. He is full time into this science of Divination and Self-discovery. He has attended seminars regularly of Astrology. Also, have read many books and has gone through this science through the self-study route and under the guidance of knowledgeable Jyotishacharyas. He believes to keep things simple and guide people in a simple way. Prediction is done by using Divisional Charts and Ashtakvarga etc. Also Nakshatra placements of your planets. Dance of Rahu and Ketu play in your chart. In his career he often encountered the term WORK SMART also believed in it. Now he has his own SUCCESS MANTRA by interpreting the client chart and suggesting simple ways to prosperity and happiness.

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