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Alisha is a Tarot and Oracle Card Reader. I analyze various aspects of life like love, career and business, etc. to determine what is best for the people seeking guidance. Being a tarot card reader, I've used my gift to give consultations to my clients and guide them in matters like relationships, career, health, business, etc. As someone great once said, Tarot is an incredibly powerful tool for spiritual development, personal insight, transformation, and change. "I can provide my clients with precise and accurate predictions about their future and destiny. I strongly believe in my intuition. I'm also known for my online counselling abilities, guidance in helping people deal with distress and problems. I go at the root of the problem and find a suitable solution as per the one's need. I believe that my sole purpose on the Earth is to serve humanity. I love to help my client when they are in need, my main motive is to give you clarity and insights regarding your life also to empower you with the spiritual knowledge of different energies of the Cosmos.

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