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Anand is a renowned Astrologer with an experience of more than 10 years in the field of Astrology. He is an expert of Vedic Astrology, KP astrology and Vastu. He has been practising it from the last 10 years. Talking about his educational qualifications, he got the formal training and certifications of Jyotish Praveena and Jyotish Visharada from ICAS, New Delhi. Despite being an Astrologer, he is always keen to learn new things and develop newer ideas for the betterment and welfare of the people. Moreover, he follows the Vedic (Parashari) System by interpreting the analysis in the modern context, based on an individual's birth date, time of birth and place of birth which helps him in predicting accurate Horoscope and Prashana chart. Over the years, he has served a number of people irrespective of their caste, culture, financial background and the remedies he provides are very easy and so not require investing a large sum of money for buying gemstones, pendulums, rudraksha etc. Along with this, you can also contact him regarding the consultation of Marriage, Career & Business, Wealth & Property, Education, Health, Love & Relationship and much more. Astrology education in Jyotish praveen, jyotish visharada, Post visharad , vastu, ko astrology Expert - Vedic remedy, Lucky gemstone Lucky mobile number.

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