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My name is Anandita Tandon. I am a Tarot reader, and a Psychic healer. I have been on this beautiful journey of spirituality for the past 18 years. The journey has been wonderful where I connected with many souls who are in the process of knowing themselves and the entire mystery of the cosmos. I always had the inclination and the urge to know how this universe functions through each one of us. How each one of us has a purpose, which we need to know and understand and follow that deep path towards moksha. This urge made learn and imbibe different healing modalities which helped in each and every step of my spiritual journey. I am grateful for all the masters and teachers who helped me unwind the mysteries of this whole magical world. I am still learning a lot on this path and I am also trying to help and guide other fellow members who need answers to certain things in their life. Tarot is one such divination tool which helps you grow at an intellectual, physical and spiritual level. It helps you grow by recognising your own energy patterns and taking what needs attention. So come along this journey with me and together with can unravel the path together.

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