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AnilM comes from an Odisha pandit family where his grandfather was an Astrologer. He believes in fate along with the right time.He left his job to achieve his passion for learning Astrology. He gained in depth knowledge on Astrology which helped him to successfully achieve many certifications. He is certified on Vedic astrology. Have depth knowledge on Gemini sutra, BCP, Nadi astrology.He helped people with his knowledge to overcome their problems in life. He directs them to the path of Almighty to reduce the pain and also provide remedies when it is needed. He is practicing Astrology using different techniques to fetch minor to detail about a problem. What we are doing now and what we had done in our previous life is dependent on Karma. He belives that a person is in pain because of what he did in his present or past life. He believes in rebirth and what he can tell is the possibility based on planetary position and person’s karma. He believes that life is still beautiful though



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