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People say that when you get the spelling of your name altered, or get the name of the company numerologically balanced, the results are rapid and powerful. Arakeri Manjunath is a numerologist, spiritual researcher and your guide. He just needs your full name, date of birth, time of birth, place of birth & if you are married, your date of marriage also. He checks your horoscope (Astrological as well as Numerological Charts) through the science of Astrology as well as Numerology. He suggests very very simple & practical remedies which are easy to perform & are quite effective also. If you want any consultation regarding Business, Health, Career, Money, Marriage, Relationships etc, he'd be happy to connect with you :)

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21 Jul 2020
It was great talking to him, he answered my questions directly, and was very clear.
18 Jun 2020
thankyou for your concern it was so nice to have chat. I liked this app
26 Nov 2020
tank you so much sir...ur very ye bta dijiue ki iski life m koi or girl hai kya ya ye soch raha h kya...i have a doubt
21 Nov 2020
Written was done on 2nd October, 2nd November 2nd round was completed can you tell me know is there any chances


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