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I am a Tarot reader, Numerologist, Spiritual healer, counsellor, Law of Attraction coach and Destiny Designer from India. Since my childhood, I had very strong intuitions and that is where I developed my interest in Occult science. The main aim of my life is to heal people with my guidance, who are facing issues related to love, Marriage, career, Money, Business, Investment, travel, health etc and give them best and easy remedies to heal. I believe that the universe has solutions for every blockage, a human face in life span, it is all about you seeking the right guidance in life at the right time. I have helped people find their inner self and have discovered the right path to success and abundance. I have worked in MNCs and Corporates and have been closely watching people and their problems, which made me realise that what you see outside is never the same inside. I have helped people deal with their internal and external struggles and that made me realise the bigger picture and real calling towards spirituality and Occult Science. I believe each human is unique and their struggles are unique. The universe cannot give you something which is not in your higher good.



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