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Vijay is a renowned certified astrologer. He was involved in journalism till 1999. Due to unfavourable circumstances, he also thought to show his horoscope to a renowned astrologer just like other people. Then, he came to know about Late Mr. Sareen, who was a famous astrologer and resident of Chowk, Lucknow. he met him and received much knowledge about ‘Shanidev’. He has been associated with numerology since 1995 and with the blessings of ‘Shanideva’, He started studying about planets and stars in 1999. Till 2003, the condition was such that he got totally inclined towards God, Planets and Stars. According to him,’ in case of unfavourable circumstances, the most important thing required by a person is Energy. With the blessings of ‘Shanidev’, today he is helping thousands of people whose horoscopes he studied and has satisfied them. Now, he wants to work for people in this field and to help them in the same way. His logical and scientific analysis of various life problems using ancient concepts of astrology has given new dimensions and life to Vedic astrology. His great knowledge, stunning and accurate predictions, perfect command over remedies for all kinds of problems makes him one of the greatest astrologers of our times. A skill of astrology is a gift of god and his goal of life is to serve people with his experience and talent. He takes every case like a challenge and does everything for his client to solve their problem with his skills.



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