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Entering into the realm of Tarot is entering the world of strong intuition and the energies that the universe is sending us. Avni, known to be a people’s person, is a strong believer in the energies of the universe and is an intuitive tarot card reader for over the past few years now. Using tarot cards and oracle cards, she has been helping her clients to move in the right direction and assisting them to look into their inner selves with more clarity. Yes, that’s how she helps them resolve their various problems across life aspects, including relationships, health, education, profession, business, financial situation, etc. She is also an intuitive counselor, an empath who can provide solutions through easy remedies like healing codes, Switchwords, Mantras, etc., majorly depending upon the clients’ requirements. Besides helping her clients from across India and overseas address minor to major life problems, she encourages and supports them in establishing a connection with energies from the universe and obtaining the inner peace they seek and deserve.



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