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I'm Bala, born with a boon of Solving others problems and Issues, Astrologically. Astronomy and Astrology are my two Eyes through which I see all my fellow beings in this universe. I Strongly Believe that All are born with certain gifts and curses based on their Karma. To find out that Karma, our Kundali Chart helps. We cannot hide or avoid fully from the Karma....but we can reduce the effects, if it is bad. For reducing the bad effects of Karma, certain remedies we need to do, based on the position of Raahu Ketu in our natal chart. Well, I have been taught and trained well in reducing this Karma. For the past many years ..I have been involved in this practice. I have travelled to several parts of India, and met big scholars and taken their advice and remedial methods for reducing the Karma. I have also done vast research in this field and solved many people's and couples mysteries. I have learned and gained expertise in Numerology and Gemology to add Value to my Core. I give very simple and practical remedies which will ensure your peace and Happiness. To give quick and accurate predictions, apart from Vedic Astrology, I have also learned Naadi Astrology from my respective Guruji. I'm Sure that people who approach me for predictions and solutions will be much pleased and remember me for ever.

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