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I am agnostic in nature but I trust in the concept that everything is energy.What we think that are in sync with laws of nature make our life. I had gone through crisis and I used Tarot to heal myself almost completely. I never fully believe in anything blindly. I experiment with whatever I am reading or practising. I use both my intuition and common sense and I strongly trust my existential wisdom and thats the centre point of everyone's life. My friends adore me for my healing vibes more as I don't believe any fortune telling. I trust that our questions define our answers rather than any written rules of astrology. I trust that astrologers should give positive approach to one's life than predicting whats going to happen in their lives.I want to be grown as healer more in a sense as my Oracle taught me many insights after following our instincts and intuition. Tarot is my most beautiful key to open the mysteries of our psyche which are bound by the laws of nature.



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