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My name is Jyotish Shashtri Bhushan Ratnakar from Nagpur. I am B. Sc., MA( English/ Hindi), B.Ed. basically, a trainer and also did MBA. Had worked as Asst. Prof. In various MBA colleges and School Principal for last 20 yrs. I am practising Vedic astrology ( specially Parashari Jyotish ) since 2000 as a hobby and now full time profession. I am Jyotish Praveen, Jyotish Visharad, Jyotish Bhaskar and now Jyotish Shashtri. I believe Predictive Astrology has regained its glory and is all set to serve mankind in every aspect of their lives. With of aim of serving mankind to help them to come out with their unsolved issues like marriage, health, education, money, career relationships, property, litigation, foreign travel, personality dev. role of astrologers is eminence n praiseworthy. Besides, I practice Seven Healing or Balancing, Pendulum Dowsing ( those who don't know their birth time n dates ). I am Certified Graphologist too ( with the help of sign n handwriting I assess your personality at present and what should be your future can be shaped positively. I am good in Medical astrology being an acupressurist and acupuncturist.



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