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I am in the legacy of great Jaimini astrologer and first head BHU department of astrology Pt• Ram Yatna Ojha..Many of mine published forcasts regularly became true.. Like, Indian Lok Sabha election (2014,19) and Shree Narendra Modi as PM of India, Sree Nitish Kumar as CM of Bihar (2015,2020 elections),Sree Ram temple and also Covid-19 forcasts became true.. I am Practicing vedic astrology along with Indian spiritualism for benefit of humanity..As per Indian spiritualism our soul is the part of almighty,God.. So we have to access towards our Soul with spiritual way for eternal bliss and cheers in life. So at first I observe persons health and mental status along with his spiritual journey which is the source of happiness and progress in life.. Anixiety and depression like mental status might be also cured with spiritual way.. I am regularly active in electronics media for vedic astrology and Shree Ram Katha.. also Columnist for astrology in Dainik jagran and Hindustan Dailies..I believe perception is important then predictions.. career, health,mental health, spiritual progress (for peace and harmony), marriage are my focus area... I am also writing a book "know yourself astrologically" which is practical illustration of life happening with vedic astrology.

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