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My name is Gemini. I have studied astrology when my age is 15. and started gives prediction at my age of 18. as I started studying astrology so early in life now I have plenty of data and case studies of different kinds of people in the stream of their work. Astrology is a very vast subject. And it always needs more and more research work to understand the multi-dimension of Astrology. Last 18 years I have been doing my own research, to open the mystical secrets of astrology. According to me, astrology is a giant touch to show the right path to go to success. Nobody can walk in the dark path, everybody needs a proper guideline of an expert. So that they can find out the right path with the right knowledge . Form an early age I always looking to help people how really needs help. So I decided I will find the right knowledge to help the needy people. Then I started studying astrology. Because astrology has the potential to know the future or you can say ahead of the present time. So I have been helping people from India and overseas. They have appreciated my work and benefited. They all are connected with me. I am very happy to help them and I am always with them.



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