Gurvinder Singh

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Online astrology experience - 11 Years


Vedic Astrology,  Nadi Astrology,  Gemology,  Western Astrology,  Medical Astrology,  Progeny Astrology, 


Gem Stone Consultation,  Travel Abroad Consultation,  Career ,  Marriage Consultation,  Love and Relationship,  Education Consultancy,  Legal Matters,  Health Consultation, 


Online Vedic Astrology

Gurvinder Singh is an eminent Astrologer from Chandigarh, Punjab with incredible wisdom of Vedic Astrology, Nadi Astrology, and spiritual skills. Along with an experience of over 11 years, he has a magnificent number of supporters and believers. Also, he has completed his MBA from Guru Jambeshwar University, Hisar and MCA Distance Education from MDU Rohtak. Also, his area of interest includes numerous fields which made him participate in Research in Cyber Crime. At present, his studies comprise Research on Litigation. With a strong hand in Medical Astrology, consultation on Marriage / Divorce, consultation of Legal issues & How to win Litigation / get Bail, Progeny, and consultation on Career and Success.