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Heena is a professional Vedic Astrologer from Mumbai and have 15 years of experience in the same field. She did her B.Tech in Computer Science and further on worked for IT sector and Investment Banks for 10 years, before taking up Astrology as a full time Career. With severe passion and enthusiasm towards astrology, she started practicing it during her college days. Eventually she started practicing those practices on herself and acclaimed loads of appraisals for her work among her acquaintances too. Gradually, those around got to know about her practices and started paying her visits for the complex problems they had in their lives. Then she saw her companions returning back to her for another reading, when their prediction turned out to be true and she started realizing her potential as a reader. She met a few learned Astrologers at a very young age and gathered a lot of knowledge from them. Soon she started connecting subjects like math/ science with Astrology. That's when everything started making a lot of sense to her. Most of her initial experience was into research and studying ancient Astrology, to relate it with modern lifestyle. The day one of her customers told her that she made a difference in his life with her predictions, she started doing it full-time. Nothing provides her with more satisfaction than helping people relieving their troubles with her Astrology Reading. Being one of the Best Vedic Astrologers. Clients visit her with several problems related to marriage, business, career, health, relationships and family issues. She is one of the Top Vedic Astrologers with experience in diverse fields like Vedic Astrology, Gemology, Prashana Astrology, KP Astrology, Horary and Progeny Astrology.

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