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About me
I am a self motivated individual passionate about astrology and alternative therapies since a very young age. After completing my dental education as well as MBA in hospital and health care management. I pursued my passion for astrology professionally from Bharti vidya bhavans completing my Jyotishvisharad and am into this field since the past 10 years. I am an empath and love helping people around me. I had keen interest and intuitive inclination towards astrology since childhood so decided to pursue it as formal education for 5 years at Bharti vidya bhavans. Owing to my passion I completed as a second topper in my final year and became a Jyotishvisharad. Both sayana and niryana methods of astrology along with Krishnamurthy paddhati , horary astrology are of special interest to me. I have keen inclination towards other alternative sciences like NLP , PLR and hypnotherapy. I am certified in vastu, numerology & tarot with medical astrology being my forte. I love to counsel people and have been into training , mentoring coach for many organisations. Having Neptune in sagitarius in my ascendent has bestowed upon me an in born intuitive sensitivity to understand the clients problems in depth. I believe learning is an ongoing process through out ones lifespan . And one should have an open mindset to accept knowledge in all forms . I believe Astrology is a gateway to look into the future by understanding the past to help someone to improve their present. Integrity , positive mindset along with Intuitive sensitivity are extremely important to be an astute astrologer.


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