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I am an empath, a tarot reader, a counsellor, and great motivator. After doing my Post Graduation in Developmental Psychology and working in the field of Social Work & Communications, I delved into the field of occult. I’m a professional tarot reader certified by Sal Jade, and I am currently pursuing Vedic Astrology – Jyotish Acharya. For me a reading isn’t about the answer or remedy it’s also about making the person across from you feel connected and whole – when I do your reading you are my priority. I’ve been born and brought up in many countries around the world and have exposure to different temperaments, outlooks, and aspirations, it's also why I have a slight accent. My travels have allowed me to have an open mind and heart for any topic, so feel free to talk about your concerns openly – there will be no judgment only acceptance. So let’s figure things out and find the best path for you where you are happiest and performing at your peak – whether its personally or professionally! Readings are indicative of your future which can be altered based on your ‘karma’ or action or thoughts – so always keep hope alive!

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