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Jaya is a professional tarot reader who has a few years of experience in the field of Astrology. She provides deep and insightful predictions about your life using tarot reading and counseling techniques. She is a strong believer in the energies of the universe and their ability to influence the events in people’s lives. She has helped her clients resolve many life problems like finance, health, love, marriage, career, business, etc. She offers services like tarot card reading and angel reading. Over the years, she has developed a unique methodology which involves combining Tarot reading using various decks, Numerology and angel guidance. This enables her to come up with very accurate and in-depth readings, thereby enabling you to make the correct decisions in important matters of your life. She provides honest and non-sugarcoated information. She ensures that every person who approaches her for guidance, walks out a lighter, and a happier person, with clarity about their problems and a clear plan about dealing with it.

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