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6 Years
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Jessica is gifted in communicating the language of the soul. A Western Astrologer and Gifted Tarot Reader. After years of spiritual development and training, she has decided to dedicate herself to providing readings full time. Technical and Direct in her approach, she specializes in Career, Love, and Destiny Birth and Synastry Chart Readings. Through this work, she has helped hundreds of individuals find peace and purpose on their personal journeys. Having been a professional reader for many years, Ru combines Tarot and Astrology together to help identify actions that can align you with your desires or reveal a clear course of action to those desires. To avoid further problems her reading style is direct yet compassionate, aiming to provide whatever is needed to learn certain lessons to ultimately grow in life. She uses a combination of the planetary alignments and the energy that is created from the positioning of the stars with Tarot cards. Her knowledge of the planetary energy and daily aspects along with the details from the Tarot allows her to see the bigger picture and what may be in the finer details. She does get warnings or red flags that come through and typically clients are already aware of these things so conversations turn to how to embrace the journey of life. An academic of Western Astrology for over a decade She is a firm believer in the Planets and Stars and how they influence us. Her goal is to help others find ways to align with their desired outcome in life. She looks forward to hearing from you!