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Jigna is a Tarot Card Reader and has been successfully practising reading for her clients as well as teaching for the past 20 years. She is a mentor at guiding her clients from different parts of the world to find their natural path. Her style of advising combines her gift of Intuition with her practice of meditation and empathetic communication. A Jewellery designer by profession, Jigna is a certified tarot card reader and has completed her graduation in Arts from Jai Hind College, Mumbai and diploma in International Trade Management from NMIMS, Mumbai. According to her, Tarot Cards are ancient instruments of divinity to connect with our higher consciousness. She believes in free will and that very little, if anything - is set in stone . She has helped people transform their lives from deep despair to desire the excel. She considers her intuition to be the strongest guiding force while doing the readings. She believes it is a gift that she has been given which helps her to help people to overcome their challenges and obstacles in life by providing practical remedies. Apart from tarot reading, she is also well knowned for her expertise in spiritual healing. She is a certified Lama Fera healer and uses her positive energy from a distance to assist the person in need. She believes in the power of the universe and in the mysterious ways it works. You can contact her regarding Marriage Consultation, Education and Career Consultation, Love & Relationships, Money related issues, Legal Matters and much more.

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