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Karishmaa is an USUI Reiki Grandmaster, Lama Fera Master, Theta Healing Practitioner. From the last 5 years, she has been involved in Face Reading, Tarot Card Reading, Numerology, Palmistry, Graphology and Signature Analysis, Pendulum Divination, Switchwords and Healing Numbers, mokshapatta reading, Money Reiki and Money Flood Empowerment Reiki. These alternative forms of Healing have always been her life passion. She has been helping and serving individuals and their families in harnessing their energies towards the right direction. And her journey started into these Healing Modalities, when after finishing up her Post Graduation, she went into a low phase. That was the time when Reiki came into her life, and since then, she has learnt a lot about Physical and Mental Health. A balance is to be maintained between mind, body and spirit to maintain optimal well being. These sciences helped her in changing her outlook towards herself, as a person, towards the society and the Whole world too. And, soon after that, she engrossed herself deeply in all these sciences to assist relaxation, help reduce stress and bring spiritual balance to Recipients. She is also an expert in figuring out the exact issue and help them in taking the right step after. She also provides Switchwords and Energy Healing Numbers to people who approach her for healing with their issues.

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