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Kartik is a qualified Numerologist and Tarot Card Reader and have been practicing it for the last 10 years. His field of specialization includes Love, Marriage, Career and General Predictive Part. He is well versed with the remedial astrology and have been providing remedies which are not only easy to practice but are viable also. Talking about his education, he is College graduate in B.A. Ll.B. work as a volunteer in a NGO from college time. During his College time he participated in Moot Court time to time and went for the internship under Advocate. He has given thousands of reading to various people including some elite people in various fields. He is well versed in Numerology, Tarot Reading and Vedic Astrology. He can give feasible and possible solutions to problems related to Love, Soul mate issues, Marriage, Career and promotions, Business and investment and any other general and specific queries. He will try to give you the simplest and possible remedies for various issues. He is actively into research in various subjects and try to grasp the in-depth knowledge.



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