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My name is Kkajol, a Tarot Reader for almost 4 years now. I am a Journalism and Mass communication graduate by education. I am a published content writer by profession and a spiritual guide by heart. During my professional career, I worked with multiple MNCs and played various roles but I wanted to do something more. However, material success can sometimes show you the futility of these goals and make you meet the real and spiritual you. All the disappointments and stress that I have faced in my life motivated me to go for astrology and guide others and heal spiritually. I believe that meditation is the best thing that could have happened to me while searching for life. This experience could not be express in words but it was life transformative. I have excelled in various fields of astrology viz. marriage and childbirth-related issues, match-making, health, jobs and career, spouse predictions, education, business and monetary aspects of day-to-day life. My clients have immensely benefited from her predictions and suggestions. I even have built my clientele overseas as well. I really hope to guide people here as well with my intuition power. God bless all.!



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