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Lovelesh is a renowned Astrologer and Expert in Love & Relationship with an experience of more than 36 years in the field of Western Astrology and Psychic Reading. He is a celebrated author of 7+ books, He has penned books on Love, Western Astrology, Psychic Reading, He has been teaching as Guest Lecturer at Banaras Hindu University in the Department of Vedic Sciences. He is an expert in Voice reading, Psychic Reading, Tarot Card reading, Western Astrology, and Vastu Shastra. After the completion of his academic career, he devoted his time and energy to the study of various aspects of Astrology and its effects on the lives of the people, However, in order to pursue his career professionally in the field of Western Astrology, he completed Jyotish Alankar and then Jyotish Acharya. After excelling himself in Western Astrology, he plunged himself into the mystery of Psychic Reading under the guidance of renowned Astrologers and Scholars to refine his techniques of predictions. He gives very accurate results with the exact timing of events. Throughout his spiritual journey, he has served people in different parts of the world, taking into account different parameters . Along with this, he also studied Vaastu-Fengshui, Tarot, and Past life Regression and is currently teaching all these subjects, authoring books, and providing professional consultation all across the world. Over the years, he has given innumerable correct predictions and guided his customers to combat adverse periods with ease and bringing stability in their lives. You can also contact him regarding Marriage Consultation, Relationships, Career & Business, Wealth & Property, Educational Consultancy, Health Matters, Legal Matters and much more.

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