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Maansi is a renowned Astrologer and Tarot Card reader with 5 years of experience and also a Psychologist. Her interest in spiritual sciences began in her college days. She took a professional course at AHSAS(Delhi), Talking about her education, she has completed MA Psychology from Banasthali University. She is a rational Emotional Behavioural Therapist, Neuro-linguistic programming Practitioner and the best part is her knowledge of psychology helped her more, to get into the depth of Astrology. In her views, Astrology is not about just knowing your future but more of knowing yourself first, seeking our own inner identity and by following up finding out the appropriate directions for ourselves to shine in every perspective of our lives. Her motive in life is to help out people in their struggles of life by seeking guidance from the stars. She has a very fresh approach towards Astrology, as she believes in positive outlook for life in any situation, most importantly applying wisdom to search for the solution and applying it for the mankind.



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