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Vedic, Nadi, Tarot
English, Tamil, Kannada
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Sai, the famous astrologer in Bangalore, brings with him a rich experience of over 15 years. His vast experience and a professional degree in astrology give him a keen insight and thus, he is able to draw perfect and good solutions for those in need. No wonder, his solutions come with a novel approach and brings speedy good results. His keen acumen in the field of astrology has earned his name and fame as being one of the most sought-after and famous astrologers in Bangalore. His personalized approach to each and every client, in-depth knowledge about various branches of astrology,including horoscope reading, horoscope matching, vastu, numerology, current dasha and more has helped over 11000 people till date and counting. Being one of the best astrologers and a famous numerologist in Bangalore (Bengaluru), it is my passion and aspiration to spread happiness, peace and harmony in the life of people through my knowledge. He will help resolve the problem with simple, workable solutions - gemstone, vastu or numerological solution, or simply wearing a particular color to get the best results in life. Yes, it is possible and easier than you think.

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